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In 1990, Batmania was still sweeping the country! But the action figure tie-ins left a lot to be desired. The Toy Biz line was quickly replaced by a new toy lne from Kenner. What's interesting is that Kenner HAD the license before, so they were the logical choice to get it back...and they ran with it! Just in time to take advantage of movie buzz.

Basic Figures
While the timing was very small, there was a window of opportunity for Kenner to capitalize on the starving Batman toy craze...but no time to create all-new action figures! So, the bulk of this series were actually the exact same figure, just repainted in different color schemes to match the theme of the toy. It's a precedent that Kenner would repeat over and over again for many years.

Batman (Bruce Wayne)
The Michael Keaton likeness was spot-on with this line, no strange "square-jaw" versions....just a look taken from the films. For this figure, the snap-on armor was a bit bulky, but it still looked great!

Batman (Crime Attack)
This figure was based on the look form the film, with a few subtle differences. The Bat-symbol was the comic book version, although since this is the more recognizable logo, that was perhaps a smart move.

Batman (Iron Winch)
This one is my personal favorite figure in the line, since it mixes the movie design elements with the classic color scheme.

Batman (Powerwing)
The figure itself is the same exact figure as the "Crime Attack" figure, just with a larger flying accessory.

Batman (Shadow Wing)
While at first glance, this figure is also the same, it's got a nifty action feature built into it: when you squeeze the legs together, the arms shoot out to the sides, simulating the action from the movie. The handcuffs were really even necessary for this figure, although they were fully functional.

Batman (Tec Shield)
Another simple repaint, but in gold? This was to be the first time I started to question if I could buy all the multiple variations in the series, even with my love for Batman.

Batman (Thunder Whip)
Another figure that is similar to the movie, although this one has a cool action feature built in: with a twist of the dial in the back, the right arm rotated and the Dark Knight could spin his weapons around. I had fun with this, but only for a short time.

Batman (Wall Scaler)
Another repaint that made little sense to me....since it didn't seem that this was based on a look from either the movie or the comics. The large accessory was pretty neat, but the made-up color scheme was starting to bother me.

Joker (Sky Escape)
You can't make a Batman movie toy line without it's star villain! The first figure was a nice mix of features inspired by both the movie ad the comics. He was thin, and all decked out in purple of course, but the addition of the "melting" color change face (which sadly, I couldn't get it to work for this update) and the accessories made an interesting toy.

Joker (Knock Out)
The second Joker figure included a larger bazooka accessory that "fired" a boxing glove to knock out Batman. Plus the POW Weapon was just meant as a joke. Not the most exciting figure, but still something to add to the collection.

Although my interest in Batman was still strong, the trend of repainting the same exact figure in made-up color schemes and goofy, oversized accessories was turning me off from getting them all. As we'll see, I would start to get very particular in regards to which toys I would buy...

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