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In 1993, DC Comics turned the Batman mythos upside down by breaking Batman's back and replaced Bruce Wayne with Jean Paul Valley, who was previously a superhero called Azrael. The series was broken down into three crossovers events: "Knightfall" (where Bruce Wayne falls), "Knightquest" (where 'AzBats' learns the ropes), and "KnightsEnd" (where Bruce Wayne recovers and takes back the mantle of the Bat).

Basic Figures
The following year, Kenner cranked out a new line of Batman action figures called LEGENDS OF BATMAN. This line not only created hyper-detailed action figures of the cast of the comic book series, but also introduced new versions of Batman throughout history. While these alternate versions of The Dark Knight were cool and all, I was only buying the figures that were based on the comic book appearances.

Batman (Crusader)
The was the closest to the actual comic book costume that would be made in this line, and although the pose was a bit awkward and the missile launcher was actually accurate, it still makes for a pretty cool-looking figure!

Batman (Knightquest)
There was a bit of a screw-up here with this figure and the next one. 'AzBats' actually wore this outfit in the KnightsEnd storyline, during the big showdown with Bruce Wayne. But the figure itself worked well, with the elaborate cape acting as a support.

Batman (Knightsend)
As mentioned above, AzBats actually wore this outfit in the Knightquest storyline, and this is one of the most controversial costumes ever designed. Personally, I loved this costume, and this remains one of my favorite Batman figures.

Where is Batman without his supporting cast? Based on Jim Balent's design fromt he comics, Catwoman played a large role in the storyline, crossing paths with AzBats several times. This figure suffers in that it's nearly impossible to get her to stand without support.

What more need be said about the Joker? Any version of this insane character is always welcomed. The weapons he was included with were iconic enough that they looked great in his hands.

Probably my least favorite figure in this series, Nightwing's costume has changed several times over the years...this one originated in the TEEN TITANS comic. While the figure looks good holding the rocket launcher, he looks pretty bad without it. Plus, the "wing" accessory wasn't the most successful accessory.

While I loved the comic book storyline, the action figure line quickly lost interest for me, but only because I wasn't a fan of Batman as a pirate, samurai, cyborg, or viking. I wanted more figures based on the comic book adventures I was reading, which was still coming, but in other toy lines.

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