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It probably doesn't come as a surprise that I love science fiction, and as a kid, I was really excited about a great new science fiction series that was coming to TV screens each and every week. I remember watching Battlestar Galactica at my friend's house in New Jersey, and we were blown away! While perhaps not as majestic as certain other sci-fi tales, the premiere had enough action and excitement in it to tune in each week!

So naturally, we wanted to collect the toys that went along with the show. And what made it even better, the figures were in the same scale as out other sci-fi toys, so we mixed them right in alongside the saga of our backyard adventures. (We didn't worry about canonical stories back then.)

Action Figures
Much like the TV series, Mattel's Battlestar Galactica toy line didn't last very long, but it still included a nice mix of main characters, troops, and background aliens.

Commander Adama
The leader of the ragtag fleet of fugitive spaceships, on the run searching for the planet Earth. While it's still very odd that the human figures in this line did not have the eyes painted on, the use of soft goods cape was a nice touch. The likeness is actually pretty good for this scale.

Cylon Centurian
"By your command!" The classic look for this toaster included limited articulation, and he can barely hold onto his rifle, but the robotic Romanesque design still holds up today.

The robotic "Muffit" was created for Boxey (a young boy in the series) to replace his daggit (dog) that was killed in the premiere by the cylons. This daggit figure was available in two colors: brown & tan. Check out both versions!

Imperious Leader
Quite possibly the goofiest alien design ever....he looks like a rejected character design from The Simpsons! The leader of the Cylons, he wasn't in very many of the shows. It's a good thing he wears that robe too, the body is quite silly.

Lt. Starbuck
The hero of the show! The wise-cracking, card-playing ladies' man scoundrel, Starbuck was easily the most popular character in the series. His action figure was a bit disappointing because it was based on an outfit that he wore only briefly. Once again, the eyes are not painted, but the likeness is passable.

The insect-like creatures roamed underneath a gambling parlor, trapping the humans underground to save for food! Gross! This cool-looking action figure had 4 arms, and a fragile lace robe. Easily one of the best in the first series.

While my friends and I collected all of the first series figures, we never did collect the second wave. However, 30 years later, another friend of mine graciously loaned me his entire collection, just for this feature! So check out the rest of action figures from Battlestar Galactica!

Once a member of the Quorum of Twelve, Balter betrayed the human race, and later ruled the Cylons as well. What a jerk! Much like the other humans, he doesn't have eyes and his likeness is decent.

Honestly, I had to look this one up. This pig-like alien with a head that looks like a ripe orange was only in one episode of the series, but he still made it into the toy line! You gotta love sci-fi aliens!

Cylon Commander
A gold repaint of the Cylon Centurian figure, this was originally available as a mailaway figure free with 4 POPs. He would later be available on a card in the second series...just in case you missed him.

The adviser to Baltar on the show. He was always watching Baltar, secretly plotting to overthrow him I guess. Reminds me of the coneheads from Saturday Night Live. Not the most "action" figure, but still pretty cool that they made him. he has a clear head to show light through it.

There were a handful of vehicles made for this line as well, but this was a little bit different...the vehicles were made in a smaller scale than the action figures, so they couldn't ride in them. Instead, the ships came with smaller 2" pilots. Still pretty cool, plus the original versions of the ships included spring-loaded red rockets that had to be changed when a boy launched one into his mouth and choked on one. This caused a sweeping change in safety standards throughout the industry and launching missiles were replaced with non-firing rockets.

Cylon Raider
The Cylon Raider had wings that pulled apart to expose the rockets, which could be fired by pressing the buttons. Also included with this vehicle was a small very cool Cylon Centurian pilot figure that has a surprising amount of articulation for a figure this size.

UPDATE: New Toys Added!
Since this feature first ran, my buddy dug through his collection and uncovered a few more toys from this classic line...check them out!

Colonial Stellar Probe
This ship was very cool, because it could be taken apart and recombined to make a variety of vehicles, including a satellite, a mini-Viper, and a rocket!

Colonial Scarab
A land-based vehicle, this ship could be rearranged slightly, but since it was still based on the ground, this would be somewhat less popular.

Plush Daggit
Now for something a little different! This stuffed rendition of Muffit the Daggit is pretty freaky...especially when you pull on the drawstring and listen to it growl and bark! Go ahead, give it a try!

Very special thanks to Rick Blood for providing the toys seen in today's feature. See you next week!

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