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Hasbro: Indiana Jones
German Soldiers

Comments: When René Belloq discovers Indy and Sallah digging into the Well of Souls, he leads a group of German soldiers to the site, eager to claim for himself the excavated Ark for himself. The soldiers hold Sallah and Indy’s crew at gunpoint while Belloq and Toht make off with the prize, leaving Indy and Marion trapped inside a pit of deadly snakes.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Collection: 1

Year: 2008

Assortment: Deluxe Figures

Retail: $9.99

Assortment Number: 40712/40471

UPC Number:
6 53569 32362 4

  • 2 Machine Guns

  • Points of Interest:
  • Both figures are repaints of the German Soldier figure from wave 1.
  • The soldier in the lighter uniform uses the lower head of the figure in the deluxe German Soldier with Motorcycle set.
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