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Mego: The Black Hole

Comments: The Humanoid figure was released as part of the second wave of MEGO's Black Hole action figure line and is considered to be one of the rarest action figures ever produced. While the Disney film the toy line was based on was well received, there was not a solid support with American retailers for MEGO to distribute a second wave. Only toy buyers in Canada and Italy showed support to the collection, and as such these are the only two countries to receive the wave. The Canadian version was packaged on a card similar to the first series available in North America while the Italian version was on a card that featured altered art with the film's human cast under the Cygnus.

Source: The Black Hole

Collection: 2

Year: 1980

Assortment: Action Figures

  • Cloth Robe
  • Cloth Booties (not shown)

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