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Mego: The Black Hole
Sentry Robot
Sentry Robot

Comments: The Sentry Robot figure has been considered to be considered part of the second series of Black Hole figures by many, but, for the most part, it is more accurately a part of series 1.5. While there was a second wave of figures including the Humanoid, Old B.O.B. and S.T.A.R., was released in Canada and Italy, MEGO only distributed 9 figures in the US. The Sentry Robot was released late, but US cards for the other eight figures have been shown with either 8 or 9 back cards. This is very similar to the 31/32 back cards in Kenner's Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back line.

Source: The Black Hole


Year: 1980

Assortment: Action Figures

  • Blaster

  • Note:
    The mould used to create the Sentry Robot figure was reused to create the S.T.A.R. figure.

    For the most part, minus the colour of plastic injected in the mould and a very minor spray op alteration, both figures are identical. While both figures feature two fuctional holsters, neither were released with two weapons.

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