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NECA: Cult Classics
12 inch talking toys
Jareth The Goblin King
12” Figure

Comments: Jareth the Goblin King is a charismatic leader with a compelling and hansome face and rules the goblins from his castle beyond the Goblin City. Intrigued with the young heroine Sarah, he grants her wish to have her infant stepbrother Toby taken away. Regretting her decision, Sarah must make her way through the Labyrinth to retrieve her baby brother before Jareth turns him into a goblin…

Released in September 2007, NECA’s 12” Jareth The Goblin King features sampled phrases directly from The Labyrinth feature film.

Source: Labyrinth
Year: 2007
Assortment: Cult Classics
  • Cape
  • Crystal Ball
  • 2x Right Hands

  • Phrases:
  • Go back to your room, play with your toys and your costumes.
  • I've brought you a gift, its a crystal, nothing more. But if you turn it this way and look into it, it'll show you your dreams.
  • But this is not a gift for an ordinary girl.
  • Do you want it?
  • Don't defy me.
  • You have 13 hours in which to solve the labyrinth.
  • It's further than you think, time is short.

  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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