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Toy Biz: DC Super Heroes

Comments: The Riddler Challenges Batman to a Battle of Wits!

The Riddler, Batman’s most perplexing and notorious adversary, is out to try to stump the Caped Crusader once again! The puzzling plunderer cannot commit a crime without first leaving a clue in the form of a riddle, defying Batman to capture him! Only the quick-thinking skills of the world’s greatest detective can stop The Riddler’s rampage throughout Gotham City!

Source: DC Comics:
Various Batman titles

Collection: 2

Year: 1990

Assortment: Basic Figures

Retail: $3.99

UPC Number:
0 35112 04411 6

  • Riddles

  • Note:
    The riddles can be separated into 6 individual pieces.

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