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Toy Biz: DC Super Heroes

Comments: Robin Joins Batman in War on Crime!

Swooping down from the skies like the bird that bears his name, Robin uses acrobatics and martial arts skills to combat criminals. A master at every fighting discipline, the Boy Wonder couples a well-honed, athletic body with a keen, deductive mind. His utility belt arsenal includes the formidable Batarang. Along with the Batman as mentor and partner, they are an unbeatable team against the forces of injustice!

Source: DC Comics:
Various Batman titles

Collection: 2

Year: 1990

Assortment: Basic Figures

Retail: $3.99

UPC Number:
0 35112 04402 4

  • Cloth Cape
  • Batarang
  • Grappling Hook (not shown)

  • Note:
    This figure is based on the Super Powers figure, with an added lever on the back to activate his Karate Chop Power Action!

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