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Toy Biz: DC Super Heroes

Comments: Former D.A. Masterminds Crime Wave as Two-Face

District Attorney Harvey Dent went insane after a gangster hideously scarred half of his face with acid. Dent scratched one side of a two-headed silver dollar to represent his scarred, evil side, and took on the new name of Two-Face. He flips this coin to decide whether to choose “good” or “evil”, depending on how the coin falls. When he was on the side of the law, Dent was an ally of Batman. Now, they are deadly enemies.

Source: DC Comics:
Various Batman titles

Collection: 3

Year: 1990

Assortment: Basic Figures

Retail: $3.99

UPC Number:
0 35112 04427 7

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  • Watch Two-Face flip his coin!

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