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411: New Star Trek On The Horizon
Posted by D_Martin on April 1, 2010 at 12:19 PM CST:

The Ultimate 3 3/4" Action Figure Collection

Hasbro has put their Star Wars and Indiana Jones creative team to task to bring the same quality we saw in those two lines to the new Star Trek collection. Collectors should expect to see the same scale, detail, and articulation seen in the above mentioned lines. Each assortment will offer collectors a different uniformed version of the main crew along with one or two villains.

The SRP is roughly $8.

Very Big Enterprise

After the success of the Big Millennium Falcon and the anticipated success of the Big AT-AT and Big Slave I, Hasbro is boldly going where no toy company has gone before with the Very Big Enterprise. This vehicle will have 'Tight Lock' removable panels to reveal four unique play arenas within the vehicle's imposing 3 1/2' frame. The play arenas include the bridge, the shuttle hanger, the transporter room, and engineering. If that weren't enough, the VBE will also feature sounds from the movie and a Galileo shuttle that fits four 3 3/4" figures.

The SRP is roughly $150.

Ice Creatures with Figure

There are two ice creature figures in development including the Drakoulias Vs. Kirk and the Hengrauggi Vs. Spock.

The SRP is roughly $20.

Role Play

Geared towards the kids, Hasbro will be offering a selection of cool role play toys including the Federation Phaser, Romulan Phaser, Federation Communicator, Sulu's Sword, and in the spirit of the Hulk hands, Kirk Hands.

The SRP is varies from $15-$30.

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