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Hasbro's 7th G.I. JOE Q&A: The Answers!
Posted by Curto on June 3, 2008 at 04:20 PM CST:
As part of Hasbro's bi-monthly Q&A session, Cool Toy Review passed on 5 of your burning questions and now we've got the answers for you.

Cool Toy Review: Simple question: Battle damaged B.A.T....When and where (and please don't say a battle pack!)?

Hasbro: Stay tuned.more info to be released at JoeCon. Feedback has come in loud
and clear...fans love the B.A.T.

Cool Toy Review: Why are you having such a difficult time making supply meet demand? You realize by the time you get enough product out there, some people will have starved to death, waiting for restock of the precious G.I. Joes. Are you going to take responsibility for those poor, dead, starved fans on the toy aisle? The lady at Wal-Mart is tired of sweeping up the bodies of starved G.I. Joe fans.

Hasbro: Those starving souls will be stuffed this fall with singles, comic packs, vehicles, and DVD battle packs! The problem we are having is that every time we increase supply the demand increases to meet the supply. We are trying to create enough of each figure so that every fan can get what they want; without overproducing and having 20 Buzzer figures blocking the shelves for the 40 new figures coming down the line.

Cool Toy Review: Knowing full well your stance on Playsets and Accessory Sets not selling very well, what about combining the two? You could release sets that could not only have weapons and other items, but have set pieces to build a evironment or base for the figures to battle it out. One set could build a small camp or bunker and by buying more you could expand it further?

Hasbro: Thanks for the idea. We are looking into multiple expressions that would address your needs.

Cool Toy Review: Can you please leave the stickers for the vehicles on the sticker sheet? Pre-applied labels take part of the fun out of buying G.I. Joe vehicles. Maybe you could do away with the window box design, and make the boxes more like the Star Wars vehicles? With the old G.I. Joe vehicle artwork, of course.

Hasbro: The compromise we have come to is applying some of the stickers in pack so the vehicles look good in an open box and leaving most to be applied by the consumer.

Cool Toy Review: As you know, the question of whether or not this line will continue past 2008 with more updates of classic (ARAH '82-'91) figures is frequently asked; and as of yet, still hasn't been confirmed (or at least clearly). Can you tell us if we can look forward to more updates of classic characters (example, Dusty, Blowtorch, Monkeywrench, Big Boa, Low-Light, Recondo, Rip Cord, etc.) being made in 2009 and beyond? It certainly seems as though this line has made its mark and could sustain its popularity for many years to come!

Hasbro: The plan right now is to continue a classic based line until movie. At movie timing, the line will shift to a movie line look and focus; but classic characters like the ones you called out will be making appearances in this new line. The figures will all be based on 25th anniversary styling, so you will get the quality you are accustomed to.

Got any burning G.I. JOE questions you need answered straight from the source? If so, either send us an email or post in our forums, and with any luck, you'll get your answers next time!

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