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Icon Heroes: SDCC Exclusive ThunderCats Figure Set
Posted by D_Martin on June 28, 2011 at 03:29 PM CST:

Thundercats Mumm-Ra and Exclusive Ma-Mutt Deluxe Staction Figure Set invade 2011 San Diego Comic Con.

Ancient spirits of evil transport Mumm-Ra the Ever Living to San Diego Comic Con. Action Figure Xpress and Icon Heroes debut the villainous Mumm-Ra and SDCC exclusive Ma-Mutt Staction Figures. Captured as he transforms from a wretched corpse to a bloodcurling force of terror, Mumm-Ra lunges off the screen and into your collection.

Designed with burning eyes, billowing cape and bandages, you experience his wrath boil over with rage. The gate fold window box packaging features a special diorama insert of Mumm-Ra?s Tomb Fortress. Measuring a full 9?h x 11?w x 2.5?d on base, this PVC figure is available for $40 exclusively at Action Figure Xpress? booth #3345.

As a special bonus, every Mumm-Ra the Ever Living Staction Figure purchased at SDCC will come with a free exclusive gift: the Ma-Mutt Staction Figure. Measuring 3.5?h x 1.5?w x 2.5?d on base, this staction figure of the faithful companion captures his ferocious snarl while in attack mode.

?A revival of the past is brewing?, said Pat Wang, President. ?With the upcoming release of the New Thundercats cartoon, we wanted to help fans relive those pinnacle moments of the classic toons.?

More information and pre-orders available at AFX

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