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Kotobukiya: ARTFX+ BATMAN ANIMATED series BATMAN Opening sequence ver.
Published by Nick on May 28, 2019 at 09:57 PM CST

Batman: The Animated Series was created in the wake of the success of Tim Burton’s Batman films in the 90s. The series enjoyed widespread acclaim thanks to the dynamic animation by Bruce Timm, its Noir inspired aesthetics, and its darker tone that appealed to adult audiences. Now, in honor of the 80th anniversary of Batman, the animated version of the timeless hero is coming back to the ARTFX+ series for the first time in three years.

The statue’s design is based on the iconic title sequence of the series, when the Dark Knight appears on a rooftop in Gotham City with a bold flash of lightning.

The vignette style base resembles the skyline of Gotham City, with a sculpted Bat Signal shining against the nighttime scenery and three dimensional electricity effect parts that give the statue an atmospheric appearance.

Even to this day, the Batman stands at the ready to take down the evil that lurks in the darkness!
<Product Specifications>
Product Name: BATMAN ANIMATED series BATMAN Opening sequence ver. ARTFX+ statue
Product Size: around 210mm
SRP: $89.99(plus tax)
Month of Release: Nov, 2019

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