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LEGO: Shazam Minifig Polybag
Published by Jeremy on May 15, 2019 at 06:09 PM CST

In a surprise licensing cross-over, an image of a polybagged Shazam minifig has surfaced suggesting that LEGO is doing a limited line of the new movie, eponymously named after this DC character.

While there is no solid information on the how, where and when of this minifigs distribution - some are guessing it'll be an event exclusive, and with New York COmic Con coming up it's certainly a possibility, whileothers think that it'll be tied in with the release of the DVD. Both are speculative.

What is not is the fact that a small number of sellers on Bricklink have this listed for sale. All the sellers are in central Europe, which suggests that these are coming out of the Kladno factory.

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