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LEGO: Tron: Legacy (21314) Available To Buy
Published by Jeremy on March 31, 2018 at 02:15 AM CST

Officially revealed last week and getting a zarjaz launch party at London's Leicester Square flagship LEGO Brand Store on March 29th, this duelling duo of lightcycles from 2010's TRON: Legacy is getting lots of attention from Gen X-ers. And to help you make up your mind the designers have produced a video documenting the process they went through to get this project off the ground and into stores.

In strikingly awesome timing the LEGO Ideas Modular Arcade project, by Astronaut Avila, has just reached 10,000 supporters.

Wouldn't it be marvellous if this got produced and someone modded it to give it Flynn's Arcade frontage?

If all of this has helped you make your mind up then jump to LEGO shop@home and make your purchase through the affiliate link to help support Cool Toy Review.

Now... enter the grid!

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