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October 2013 saw us back in the Big Apple for the New York Comic Con. Scroll down for images and information brought to you by Rich Alot and Angie Green


Diamond Select Toys Display
Follow through for the full gallery and additional information on what was shown. Be sure to head on over to Rebelscum to see the Star Wars items that were also on display!


Enterbay Display
See the latest additions to Enterbay’s sixth-scale NBA player lineup, as well as their basketball hoop—with working spring rim and shot clock—after the jump. We also received word from the Enterbay team that their roster of players will expand with a Derrick Rose and an updated Kobe Bryant coming soon.


Hasbro's T'was The Night Before... Party
It's Wednesday Night in the Big Apple. The 2013 New York Comic Con is only one sleep away and our own Rich Alot, along with his partner in crime Angie Green, have already hit the ground running. Follow this link to have a look at a gallery showing off what was on display at Hasbro's T'was The Night Before... party. Head on over to Rebelscum to see the Star Wars reveals.


The Four Horsemen Display
Following our gallery covering their upcoming Star Wars products on our sister site, we take a close look at some of Kotobukiya’s DC, Marvel and bishoujo and anime licensed products.


Mattel's DC Comics Retail Lines
Just when you thought Mattel had granted every fanboy their wish with the '66 Batman 6-inch action figure line, they pulled the curtain off another collector holy grail in their 4-inch Michael Keaton Batman and Christopher Reeve Superman lines. Check out the gallery of heroes and villains, as well as the rest of Mattel's retail offering for the DC license.

Mattel's DC Comics Prop Replicas
Crime doesn't stand a chance with Mattel's batarang and bat utility belt prop replicas. Now all you need is a cowl and a cape… and an overly tight body suit… and underwear on top of the body suit… and you too can be Batman! Click to check out Matty’s upcoming '66 era Batman prop replicas.

Mattel DC Universe
Mattel’s DC Universe Classics concludes in 2014 with the four figures originally slated as part of the Club Infinite Earth’s subscription wrapping up the line. While Club Infinite Earth’s is going away, Mattel’s DC is presence on is not. Mattel’s new Total Heroes Ultra line will feature four quarterly figures exclusively on, starting in 2014. Click through to see what’s in store for Mattel’s DC offerings in 2014.

Mattel Ghostbusters
In celebration of Ghostbusters’ 30th anniversary, Mattel has revealed plans for two new Ghostbusters two packs. Featuring updated sculpts with removable backpacks, proton stream accessories and stands, the Ray and Egon, and Peter and Winston packs are slated for a 2014 release. See the full gallery of Mattel’s Ghostbusters lineup, including the Proton Wand prop replica coming this December.

Masters of the Universe Classics
We stop by Mattel's Masters of the Universe booth to get the latest on He-Man. Get your first look at Extendar, see what the final version of Castle Grayskull looks likes, get updates on a number of characters shown at earlier this year, and check out the new Mini-Master figures that include a build-a-mini-Castle Grayskull facade with opening Jawbridge.

Mattel MOTUC Walkthrough
Brand Manager Scott Neitlich gives us an update on the Masters of the Universe Classics line from the Mattel booth at New York Comic Con 2013.

Mattel's Monster High Doll Display
New ghouls are on the way! Check out the gallery of the newest student body from Mattel's Monster High.

Mattel Day 2
We’ve got some NYCC day 2 intel from Mattel with anew MOTUC reveal as well as some additional photos of their 4-inch DC line. For those of you concerned about the rumors that the ’66 Batman line is over, it’s not. More figures are planned for release in 2014. Flogg was the MOTUC reveal at the Mattypalooza panel, but a PowerPoint slide piqued our interest as a battle-damaged Faker head was quickly teased. Could it be part of the rumored of rumored accessory pack of alternate heads? We’ll have to wait and see..


The Mega Bloks Display
Take a look at the latest Skylanders and Halo building sets Mega Bloks had on display at their booth at NYCC.


The Mezco Toyz Display
Mezco's latest Breaking Bad, Chucky, Axe Cop and DC offerings were on display at NYCC. Check out their gallery to see what's coming over the next few months.


Square Enix Display
Robocop new and old, Kirk and Spock, and armored-interpretations of DC’s New 52 gang, peppered in with some video game await you at Square Enix’s New York Comic Con gallery. Click through to check them out.


The Tamashii Nations Display
While Tamashii Nations' New York Comic Con 2013 booth was anchored by the usual cast of strong brands such as the 10th Anniversary Saint Seiya God Cloth line, new S.H. MonsterArts Aliens and Predator figures, the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and the gals of Sailor Moon the surprise announcement was the license to produce S.H. Figuarts Batman figures. Take a look at Tamashii’s gallery for more.


The TriFroce Display
A gallery of TriForce’s amazingly detailed prop replicas from The Arrow, Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect , Gears of War and more await you after the click. Check out their gallery of products on display at NYCC.


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Entertainment Earth

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