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Cool Toy Review heads back to Manhattan for the 2009 New York Comic Con! Throughout the course of the weekend, CTR's Dan Curto hit the ground running with updates with coverage from the Big Apple. Head on over to our sister site, Rebelscum, for all the Star Wars coverage.


It was a long day, with a lot of fans of comic books, toys, video games, and other forms of popular entertainment converging on the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. The weather outside was cold, but at least there was no snow! (Thankfully it stayed that way). There are tons of great photos and lots of new info to read on with the full reports and photo galleries from convention floor.

The first stop of the show was at the Mattel booth, who were still setting up the displays for all of the toy lines from DC Comics, Disney, Masters of the Universe, and just in time for the 25th anniversary celebration...the newly-announced Ghostbusters! A booth this large required several visits to capture it all, but you can see everything in the following galleries:
Gallery - The Dark Knight
Gallery - Batman: The Brave And The Bold
Gallery - DC Universe Infinite Heroes
Gallery - DC Universe Classics
Gallery - Justice League Unlimited
Gallery - Masters of the Universe Classics
Gallery - Ghostbusters

Diamond Select Toys
Over at the Diamond Select Toys booth, there was a small selection of toys from all across DST's popular lines, and exclusive to this show was a Battlestar Galactica Stealth Cylon figure!
Gallery - Battlestar Galactica
Gallery - Marvel Select & more
Gallery - Star Trek
Gallery - Terminator
Gallery - minimates
Gallery - Diamond Distribution (Previews)
Gallery - Diamond Distribution DC Comics Collectiles

DC Direct
Mixed into a corner of the large DC Comics booth, DC Direct was out in full force, showing off several examples of the various lines they are producing. While most of the display was centered on the DC Comics characters and the Watchmen feature film, there are also some really cool products from other films and games on display.
Gallery - 1:2 Scale Busts
Gallery - Green Lantern - Blackest Night
Gallery - Heroes Of The DC Universe
Gallery - History of the DC Universe
Gallery - Justice League International
Gallery - Statues
Gallery - Women Of The DC Universe
Gallery - World Of Warcraft
Gallery - Terminator Salvation
Gallery - Watchmen
And The Rest

Marvel Mania is here! With this year's New York Comic Con taking place a week before Toy Fair, this made it a challenge for Hasbro to bring out all the secrets for their upcoming Marvel Universe line. It's not that they don't want to let fans in on all the great toys that are coming, but they've got to save something to announce next weekend! Still, Hasbro did not disappoint with this line, not only showing many figures that have not been seen before, but also dropping a few tasty treats for fans. Get a glimpse of the upcoming Gigantic Battles figures and start to determine who your favorite 5 characters are: Marvel Universe will feature a Fan's Choice series right from the start! It's 70 years of Marvel, with 70 different characters to choose from. Who will you choose?
Gallery - Marvel Universe
Special Report - Marvel Universe Fans' Choice

Gallery - Wolverine Toys (X-Men Origins & Wolverine and the X-Men)
Gallery - Super Hero Squad
Gallery - More Marvel Toys!

The Tonner Doll Company
With a cast of characters from Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Get Smart, the DC Super Heroes (and a few Villains, too), and others like Dick Tracy, and Tomb's no wonder that Tonner has such a fan base. Also debuting at the show was the convention-exclusive Lara Croft: Forging Excalibur to only 100!
Gallery - DC, Twilight, Tomb Raider, Pirates, Get Smart, & Dick Tracy!


The second day was all about the collecting panels and new reveals. Plus, a few repeat trips to the booths for new photos of the hottest action figures coming out later this year.

More info from Hasbro on the Marvel Universe and Wolverine toy lines: both are comparable in scale, making them perfect companion series to each other. We'll see more of the X-Men's large cast in the Wolverine line, while MU will feature everyone else. While there will be some overlapping of characters, this is going to be a VERY big line for Hasbro, as well as Marvel Comics fans.
Gallery - Marvel Universe, Part 2
Gallery - Wolverine Toys, Part 2

Mattel held two collecting panels on Saturday, which showcased not only the current toy lines, but also gave several great sneak peeks at some brand-new toys for 2009! And since the new toys were announced, it's only natural that a return trip to the booth is in order!
Some of the revelations include the Anti-Monitor figure from the DC Universe Infinite Heroes line (read this report for the full scoop on this program), the official announcement of Ghostbusters, new Masters of the Universe Classics figures, and lots of new DC figures from across the lines: JLU pays homage to the "Super Friends" cartoon show and adds several Legionnaires, DCIH gets a new style body starting with Animal Man, and DCUC is getting a Super Powers-style Joker!
Collecting Panel - DC Comics and Mattel: A Heroic Partnership
Gallery - Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Part 2
Gallery - The Dark Knight, Part 2
Gallery - Justice League Unlimited, Part 2
Gallery - Disney Properties
Gallery - DC Infinite Heroes, Part 2
Gallery - DC Universe Classics, Part 2

Collecting Panel -
Gallery - Masters of the Universe Classics, Part 2
Gallery - Ghostbusters, Part 2


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