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Cool Toy Review is hitting the ground running at San Diego Comic-Con! We've got a lot of great reports lined up for your reading and viewing pleasure, so be sure to come back all weekend long for the latest news and photo galleries from your favorite toy companies.

Sneak Peek - Tuesday, July 24th
Photo Archive: Hasbro My Little Pony 2007 Collectors Exclusive

Update - Wednesday, July 25th
Gallery - Sideshow Collectibles Booth, Part 1
Gallery - Sideshow Collectibles Booth, Part 2
Gallery - SDCC Distribution Partners
Gallery - Mattel Booth
Gallery - Hasbro G.I. Joe Toys
Gallery - Hasbro Marvel Comics Toys
Report - Hasbro Indiana Jones Sneak Peek & Photo Op

Update - Thursday, July 26th
Gallery - Medicom Toys
Gallery - Sideshow Collectibles, Part 3
Photo Archive: Mattel 1966 TV Series Batmobile
Photo Archive: GGS Glorfindel Ring Bearer Mini-Bust
Photo Archive: GGS Luna Lovegood
Report - Hasbro Marvel Comics Panel
Photo Archive: SSC Spider-Man 3 Mini-Bust
Photo Archive: Weapon X Adamantium-Laced Skeleton
Gallery - New Hasbro Marvel Legends
Gallery - GGS Harry Potter
Gallery - GGS Lord Of The Rings
Gallery - DC Direct Booth, Part 1
Report - Sideshow Collectibles Panel

Update - Thursday, July 27th
Gallery - DC Direct Booth, Part 2
Gallery - Weta Booth
Gallery - Friday Walkthrough - Marvel Comics
Gallery - Hasbro Indiana Jones
Gallery - Neca Booth
Gallery - Mattel Naruto
Gallery - Mattel Panel
Gallery - Gentle Giant Studios Booth, Part 2
Photo Archive - Terminator 2 John Connor Mini-Bust
Gallery - Hasbro Marvel Comics Presentation

Update - Saturday, July 28th
Gallery - New G.I. Joe Gallery
Gallery - New Hasbro Marvel Legends
Gallery - Marvel Mighty Muggs
Gallery - Hasbro Indiana Jones, Part 2
Gallery - Mattel Booth Shots, Part 2
Gallery - Iron Man's Movie Armor Debuts!

Update - Sunday, July 29th
Dave goes to Disneyland and Dan takes a look around the convention for once!

Update - Monday, July 30th
Report - Hasbro Indiana Jones, Part 3
Gallery - Funko Booth
Gallery - The Golden Compass
Gallery - Kotobukiya Booth
Gallery - LEGO Booth
Gallery - Mezco Booth
Report - Heroes. Mezco. 2008
Gallery - NECA Booth, Part 2
Gallery - Previews Booth
Gallery - SOTA Toys Booth
Gallery - Square Enix Booth
Gallery - SSC Booth

Update - Tuesday, July 31st
Sleep! :)

Update - Wednesday, August 1st
Gallery - Hasbro Transformers
Gallery - McFarlane Toys Booth
Gallery - Master Replicas - Disney
Gallery - Corgi - The Golden Compass
Gallery - Master Replicas - Marvel Comics
Gallery - Master Replicas - Pirates Of The Caribbean
Gallery - Master Replicas - Star Trek
Gallery - Hasbro Marvel Random Photos
Gallery - Power Rangers Super Legends
Gallery - Tonner Booth
Gallery - StrangeCo Booth
Gallery - UNKL Booth
Gallery - Wizard Booth
Gallery - The Batmobile!
Gallery - Random Photo Gallery

Update - Thursday, August 2nd
Report - Hasbro's Stan Lee Ceremony

Update - Thursday, August 16
Photo Archive: Hasbro - She-Hulk
Photo Archive: Mattel - Man-Bat
Photo Archive: Mattel - Sasuke
Photo Archive: MezCo - Abe Sapien
Photo Archive: MezCo - Copper Bones
Photo Archive: MezCo - Underdog and Simon Barsinister

Update - Monday, August 20
Photo Archive: Hasbro - Stan Lee
Photo Archive: Hasbro - Rodimus Prime
Photo Archive: Hasbro - Destro (Silver Mask)
Photo Archive: Hasbro - Destro (Gold Mask)
Photo Archive: Mattel - JLU (Green lantern, Hawkgirl, & The Ray)

Update - Tuesday, August 21
Photo Archive: NECA - Castelvania "Pixel" Simon Belmont
Photo Archive: NECA - "Battle" King Leonidas
Photo Archive: NECA - Harry Potter & Hedwig
Photo Archive: MexCo - Professor Chaos

Update - Friday, October 5
Photo Archive: Diamond - Commander Sulu
Photo Archive: Diamond - Doctor McCoy
Photo Archive: Diamond - Executive Officer Chekov
Photo Archive: Diamond - Chief Engineer Scotty
Photo Archive: Diamond - "Genesis" Khan


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