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Cool Toy Review is adding the Sideshow Collectibles Planet Of The Apes 1/6 scale figure line to the Photo Archive this week. Since we have a near unparalleled appreciation for this severely underrated collection, we wanted to set it off with a bang!

In cooperation with Sideshow Collectibles, we will be holding a trivia contest that will run from Monday, March 19th, until Friday, March 23rd 2007.

How To Play

We will update our photo archive twice each day with a new Sideshow Collectibles Planet Of The Apes 1/6 scale figure. Each Photo Archive page will contain a trivia question. Simply answer the question correctly and you are entered to win either the
Mutant Jailor - Sideshow Exclusive or General Ursus 1/6 scale figures. That means you can enter five times for each figure!

NOTE - The Trivia Contest is now over. All entries are being checked and the winners will be announced on Monday March 26th, 2007.

Trivia Questions

Here are the links to the Photo Archive pages that have the questions:
  1. Taylor (Astronaut) - Who are the two apes that take care of Taylor?

  2. Answer: Cornelius & Zira

  3. Cornelius - What can Taylor do that other humans can't?

  4. Answer: He can talk

  5. Zira - What kind of apes are Cornelius and Zira?

  6. Answer: Chimpanzees

  7. Dr. Zaius - What kind of an ape is Dr. Zaius?

  8. Answer: Orangutan

  9. Lawgiver - Who does the Lawgiver statue warn of the evils of mankind?

  10. Answer: Dr. Zaius and the Ape population

  11. Brent (Astronaut) - Who is Brent searching for?

  12. Answer: Taylor

  13. General Ursus - What is General Ursus' famous quote from the movie?

  14. Answer: "The only good human, is a dead human!"

  15. Gorilla Soldier - How many different Gorilla Soldiers has Sideshow Collectibles made, and what is the difference between them?

  16. Answer: The Ape Enforcer comes with a Rifle and Club. The Ape Marauder comes with a Whistle and Man Catcher.

  17. Mutant Leader - What object do the mutants worship?

  18. Answer: The doomsday device responsible for the downfall of human civilization, an immense bomb.

  19. Caesar - What city do Caesar's parents travel to?

  20. Answer: Los Angeles in the 1970's

The Winners

Congratulations to the winners! Larry Shomper & Shaun Marron
Thanks to everyone who entered.

Contest Rules

All entries must be sent using the button on the Photo Archive page and must contain the correct answer as well as your full shipping address. For each question, only one entry will be permitted per household. Any additional entries will be disqualified from the draw.

Winners will be selected at random from all the entries with that fit the above criteria. If the winning entry is not clamed within seven days, the new winner will be slected.

Delivery for the contest winner:
**The winner must allow 4-6 weeks after announcement of win to receive the product. All prizes are non-transferable, with no cash redemptions and/or substitutions except at Sponsor's sole discretion. See below for more International Shipping Terms. To get the latest news from Sideshow Collectibles, join the Newsletter!

Delivery Time & Restrictions:
All continental US orders are shipped via either UPS or FedEx ground service. Because FedEx cannot provide tracking numbers for P.O. Boxes, Sideshow Collectibles will no longer ship to a P.O. Box. Please provide your street address or your shipment will be delayed. For FedEx Ground deliveries, please allow up to 6 business days for delivery from the date your order is shipped.

International Shipping Restrictions:
At this time we are unable to make shipments to Venezuela or Nigeria.
Please Click Here for further international shipping information and restrictions.

All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. All prizes are non-transferable, with no cash redemption and/or substitutions except at Sponsor's sole discretion. All international winners will be responsible for any duties, tariffs, taxes or import fees assessed to their prize. Further some countries outside of the U.S. do not have reliable mail services. In the event that a prize has been stolen or mishandled during shipment to an international destination, Sideshow may not be able to replace the specific item and will substitute a prize at its own discretion. If the winner prefers a specific quicker shipping method, they are responsible to notify us immediately and will also be responsible to cover the additional costs if any. At this time, we do not accept credit cards from Mexico. Refer to our Help Desk for alternative payment options.


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