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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Venom 85th Anniversary

Nick May 8, 2024

The Hasbro Marvel team announced the brand new Marvel Legends Series Venom (Marvel 85th Anniversary)! This figure of the Lethal Protector is inspired by the character’s appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man comics, comes on collectible 9 Full Report

Hasbro: Real Ghostbusters Classic Heroes Review

Nick April 30, 2024

Finishing up our look at the Real Ghostbusters revival wave, we check out the boys themselves and their choice ride. Full Report

Hasbro: Transformers One Products

Nick April 18, 2024

To celebrate the release of the new TRANSFORMERS ONE trailer, Hasbro has revealed the first toys based on the highly-anticipated film. Full Report

Hasbro: Marvel Legends 85th Anniversary Figures

Nick April 15, 2024

Today as part of today’s Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Fanstream, the team announced a slew of new Marvel Legends Series figures in honor of Marvel Comics’ 85th anniversary! The eight, comics-inspired figures feature fan favorite characters like Skaar, Son of Hulk, Wolverine and Superior Spider-Man, among others. Full Report

Hasbro: GI Joe Classified Tiger Force Wreckage and Tiger Paw ATV

Nick April 12, 2024

Hasbro revealed a brand new addition to the G.I. JOE Classified Series–#137, Tiger Force Wreckage & Tiger Paw ATV. This product is available NOW for pre-order exclusively at Target! Full Report

Hasbro: WonderCon Marvel Legends Reveals

Nick April 2, 2024

Hasbro had a whole bunch of classic style figures to add to the Marvel Legends line. Check out what is now up for order. Full Report

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Wolverine and Deadpool

Nick March 28, 2024

Hasbro gave fans a look at the upcoming Marvel Legends Series Wolverine and Marvel Legends Series Deadpool! Full Report

Hasbro: Real Ghostbusters Classic Ghosts Review

Nick March 26, 2024

Checking out some Real Ghostbusters as we wrap up our Ghostbusters month special. Today we focus on the ghosts that make the world a little more entertaining and weird. Full Report

Hasbro: New Packaging for 6-Inch Figures

Nick March 19, 2024

This year, in a continued effort to enhance the experience for fans of action figures and our recent steps to reevaluate our packaging goals, Hasbro created a new packaging
structure for 6-inch figures. Full Report

Hasbro: Frozen Empire Proton Blaster Review

Nick March 19, 2024

The movie is almost here and we celebrate with Wand Week. Checking out a whole bunch of different wands we start with the latest in the role play line based on its appearance in Frozen Empire. Check out the Proton Blaster. Full Report

Hasbro: Transformers Generations Target Optimus Prime and Autobot Bullseye

Nick March 13, 2024

Today, Hasbro unveiled a special collaboration between TRANSFORMERS and top retailer Target – the TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS TARGET OPTIMUS PRIME & AUTOBOT BULLSEYE product! Full Report


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