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NECA News Archives

SDCC 2023: Event Coverage Roundup

Nick August 7, 2023

Despite the minimal presence of studios this year, there were so many amazing things on display at SDCC. Check out a recap of what we saw this year. Full Report

NECA: Keno With Scooter SDCC Exclusive Review

Nick July 27, 2023

Keno has finally arrived. As promised at SDCC 2022, NECA has delivered on a fan favorite character from the film. Check out this special release set and see our con coverage of NECA for more on the TMNT 2 line. Full Report

NECA: TMNT 3 VHS Pack SDCC Exclusive Review

Nick July 25, 2023

Back from the con and checking out some great exclusive like this new NECA TMNT VHS pack based on the TMNT 3 movie. Check out what the boys in green are up to in a different time and place. Full Report

SDCC 2023: NECA Booth

Nick July 20, 2023

Time to check out some Turtles and some other great figures from NECA. So many surprises! Full Report

NECA: The Last of Us 2 Joel and Ellie Figures Review

Nick July 11, 2023

To celebrate our 100th review, we look at figures from one of the best video games of all time...The Last of Us Part 2. Check out Joel and his baby girl Ellie in this awesome two-pack from NECA. Full Report

NECA: SDCC Exclusives Presale

Nick June 16, 2023

NECA announced an amazing assortment of SDCC exclusives coming up for presale next week. Check out the details
Full Report

NECA: Donatello as the Invisible Man Review

Nick May 2, 2023

From his lab in the tower east, Donatello works up some mischief as the invisible turtle. Check out the latest TMNT crossover figure from NECA featuring some fun design features leaning into his monster counterpart. Full Report

NECA: Casey Jones as the Phantom Review

Nick April 20, 2023

Deep below the Paris Opera Hall, or in his case Radio City Music Hall, lurks Casey "Phantom" Jones. Check out NECA's latest addition to its Universal Monsters crossover line with TMNT. Full Report

NECA: Splinter as Van Helsing Review

Nick February 28, 2023

Lurking in the shadows of the shadows, Splinter emerges as a vampire hunter aiming to bring an end to the curse. Check out NECA's latest addition to its Universal Monsters crossover line with TMNT. Full Report

NECA: Alf Review

Nick February 15, 2023

Your awesome alien pal returns in figure form. Check out Bobby's take on NECA's Alf figure. Full Report

NECA: Last Ronin (Armored) Review

Nick February 8, 2023

Bobby gives us a look at the Last Ronin NECA figure from the popular comic series. Full Report

NECA: TMNT The Secret of the Ooze Tokka and Rahzar Review

Nick January 24, 2023

The fearsome two-some of beasts from the Secret of the Ooze return in this reissued box set. Check it out! Full Report


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