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Hot Toys: Captain America TV Masterpiece Series

Nick May 4, 2021

Teaming up with Bucky Barnes against the Flag Smashers rebel group, Sam Wilson a.k.a The Falcon suits up again but in a new outfit with his signature wings, reclaims the symbolic shield once wielded by Steve Rogers and the complicated legacy that comes with being the new Captain America in the conclusion of Marvel Studiosí The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. Full Report

Factory Entertainment: The Goonies Replica Copper Bones Skeleton Key

Nick April 30, 2021

Factory Entertainment has a replica of the Copper Bones Skeleton Key from the Goonies based on the screen used prop. Check out the details in the full article. Full Report

Super7: The Munsters ReAction Figures

Nick April 29, 2021

Americaís least average family is here and ready to scare up some kooky hijinks! Herman, Lily, and Grandpa Munster ReAction figures are now available! Full Report

Super7: TMNT Ultimates! Wave 5 Reveal

Nick April 28, 2021

Super7 has been moving ahead at ludicrous speed with the reveals this week. Next up the latest wave of it's awesome TMNT Ultimates! line. Claim your Krang, Leatherhead, Ray Fillet, and Sewer Samurai Leo ULTIMATES! Figures today! Full Report

Factory Entertainment: Masters of the Universe Power Sword

Nick April 28, 2021

By the power of GreySkull! Factory Direct's full-scale Power Sword prop is here. Check out the details and get yours today. Full Report

Hasbro: Shattered Glass Megatron Reveal

Nick April 27, 2021

The hits keep coming from Hasbro in their Fan First reveal days. Check out this awesome Megatron from the Shattered Glass universe and order yours now! Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: Marvel Select Falcon and the Winter Solider Figures

Nick April 27, 2021

The world premiere of Marvelís The Falcon and Winter Soldier was the most-watched show on Disney+ of all time, and Diamond Select Toys is answering the call for toys! Both Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes get new outfits over the course of the series, and DST has captured them both in new 7-inch action figures, exclusively at the Disney Store and! Full Report

Super7: Alien Day Reveals

Nick April 26, 2021

Happy Aliens Day!! What better way to spend you time on LV-426 then playing with these awesome new Super7 Reaction figures. Full Report

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Fan Monday Reveals

Nick April 26, 2021

Massive amount of reveals and new orders today from Hasbro. Check out the full gallery in the article. Full Report

Super7: Army of Darkness ReAction Figures Midnight Edition

Nick April 23, 2021

Army of Darkness ReAction figures have been reanimated, with Ash, the Pit Witch and Deadite Scout all getting the Midnight color treatment in the latest wave of Army of Darkness ReAction figures. Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: The Falcon and The Winter Solider Minimates

Nick April 21, 2021

DST shows of its latest wave of Minimates from the new The Falcon and The Winter Solider series. Check out the pics in the full article. Full Report

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