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Iron Studios: X-Men '97 Art Scales

Nick February 26, 2024

Presenting innovation in the painting in the form of a specific shading that highlights all the figures from this new collection as if the characters were coming out of the TV to the real world, Iron Studios present the statues from their new X-Men Ď97 line, over a themed base in the ďXĒ shape of the logo of the super group of mutant heroes. Full Report

Sideshow: 1/6th Scale Beetlejuice Figure

Nick February 23, 2024

Itís showtime! Inspired by Tim Burtonís beloved genre-spanning film Beetlejuice (1988), the Beetlejuice 1/6 Scale Figure by Sideshow features a stunning headsculpt with a detailed likeness of actor Michael Keaton in the iconic role. Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: Fall Preorders

Nick February 23, 2024

iamond Select Toysí 25th anniversary continues! Itís almost March, which means itís time for a new round of pre-orders from DST and Gentle Giant LTD! Coming this fall, look for action figures, busts and statues from Game of Thrones, Gargoyles, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Star Wars, Rebel Moon and Nightmare Before Christmas! Full Report

Hasbro: Indiana Jones Adventure Series Wave 3 Review

Nick February 22, 2024

The adventure concludes......maybe. Check out what might be the final wave of the Adventure Series with some great figures from the Last Crusade and a new build-an-artifact set. Full Report

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Zabu Build-A-Figure Wave

Nick February 20, 2024

This morning, the Hasbro Marvel team unveiled Marvel Legends Series Marvelís Zabu Build-A-Figure wave. Included in this comics-inspired wave are Superior Iron Man, Black Winter (Thor), Wolfsbane, Ka-Zar, Red Widow, Ikaris and Marvelís Cable. Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: TMNT Michelangelo Gallery Diorama Review

Nick February 20, 2024

Three parts down, as the team clown arrives. Check out the party dude as he joins his brothers in this great diorama from Diamond Select Toys. Tune back in May for the final piece. Full Report

Factory Entertainment: Dune Crysknife Prop Replica

Nick February 16, 2024

This replica reproduces the prop knife as seen in 1984ís DUNE, perhaps most memorably in the scene that captures the knife fight between Paul Atreides and Feyd-Rautha. Full Report

Mattel: Turtles of Grayskull Mouse-Jaw Review

Nick February 15, 2024

Another great crossover from this month and yes it's still Turtles! Check out the first deluxe figure in the MOTU x TMNT Turtles of Greyskull line....Mouse-Jaw! Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: Darkwing Duck and Negaduck Deluxe Set Review

Nick February 13, 2024

The set you have been waiting for has arrived. Check out this absolutely amazing deluxe Select set from Diamond Select Toys that is packed with accessories. Full Report

NECA: Ultimate Frankenstein's Monster With Chair

Nick February 12, 2024

Recreate iconic scenes from the 1935 sequel, The Bride of Frankenstein, with this deluxe set. Full Report


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