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Fanhome: Robocop Build-Up Subscription

Posted by: Nick on November 20, 2023 at 07:18 PM CST

This detailed model is faithful to the original 1987 film character. Each part of the prototype was modeled in 3D using reference stills from the film, and every component is completed with an application of metallic paint and polish. Every month, subscribers will receive a package with components to build this incredible 24.4 inch (62 cm) tall replica. Additional features include a working pop out thigh holster with a removable pistol mounted on each leg and sound effects that reproduce RoboCopís memorable phrases from the film.

Subscriptions are open and shipping now.

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Construction is easy with step-by-step instructions that feature simple to follow diagrams that guide assembly. Builders only need a screwdriver that is supplied with the first monthís package.

Each monthís shipment of components includes an exclusive magazine that will take fans and builders on an amazing journey behind the scenes of the iconic RoboCop franchise. Discover the production secrets behind the scripts, direction, casting, locations, sets and visual effects. Read a detailed analysis of how the creative team brought this groundbreaking, science fiction film that continues to thrill legions of fans, to screens. Gain insight into the spin-off RoboCop TV series, both animated and live action, the 2014 film remake, licensed merchandise, and legacy. Also, learn about the wider world of real-life robots and cyborgs and the advanced research that is expanding the frontiers of technology.

Fanhome RoboCop builders will receive a variety of special bonus items at various stages of their subscription that include an officially licensed RoboCop branded external battery to power all your digital devices, along with a backpack, branded t-shirt, baseball cap and binder to start archiving all the collected magazines. Subscribers paying via PayPal also will receive miniature RoboCop bust, the perfect companion piece to the main kit.

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