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Hasbro: Ghostbusters Plasma Series Two in the Box Q&A

Posted by: Nick on November 17, 2023 at 07:22 PM CST

CoolToyReview (CTR): Regarding the trap, it appears the trap only functions if you hold down the pedal, however in the original films it was a press to activate and press to close function. Is there a way to adjust this, such as other functional modes?

Hasbro Ghostbusters Team (GBT): This mechanism is being updated for the final product, so it will ultimately be one tap on the pedal to open and then another tap to close the trap. There is also a hidden button underneath the trap handle that opens the trap.

CTR: Some have expressed concern over the size of the wheels on the trap. Is this a design feature from Hasbro or are the wheels on the Afterlife prop that big? Can the wheels be changed out to reflect GB1/GB2 trap designs?

GBT: We’re excited that we were able to scan movie props for reference for this HasLab! However, we had to make some slight modifications to accommodate the feature set of our product. The wheels on the ghost trap are slightly lower set than in the movies to accommodate the electronics and cartridge engagement mechanism, but they roll magnificently. We’ve been playing with our prototype to test the rolling functionality and it’s been a lot of fun!

CTR: It has been observed through the HasLab video of the PKE meter that the proper light sequence from the films is not on the display. Is the light sequence still being tweaked by HasLab engineers? Will there be options for multiple light sequences?

GBT: The prototypes that have been featured in the campaign so far are programming models and do not have their final code. The HasLab Lab team is working diligently on making the code and gameplay experience the best it can be, but please note that the light sequences and sounds featured are not final. We can’t wait to give you an update once the models are ready!

GBT: Lastly, people love that yellow case shown off in the reveal video from the 10/27 event. It was not clear if that was part of the set. Is that included with the HasLab? If not, can Hasbro make it available?

GBT: Apologies for any confusion on what the offering consisted of, but unfortunately, the yellow HasLab case was for display purposes only and not part of the official HasLab offering. If you’re interested in creating your own, it was just a regular yellow case customized in-house for our videos.

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