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Hot Toys: Feral Predator Figure

Posted by: Nick on November 13, 2023 at 07:01 PM CST

Set in the Comanche Nation 300 years ago, Prey follows Naru, a skilled young warrior who has been raised alongside the most legendary hunters on the Great Plains. When her camp is threatened by a mysterious new danger, Naru sets out to defend her people. However, Naru has no idea that the prey she stalks is none other than an alien Predator with a technologically advanced arsenal ó resulting in a tense and action-packed showdown between the two adversaries.

This exquisitely crafted deluxe action figure is inspired by the Feral Predatorís appearance in the movie Prey. Standing 37 cm (14.5Ē) tall, this highly poseable collectible features a newly developed, hand-painted headsculpt with highly detailed rubber hair, interchangeable mandibles with fangs, a sculpted lamellar skirt, forearm armor, and ankle wraps.

The Feral Predator figure also includes an impressive variety of hunting weapons, including a shield, blades (attachable to the forearm gauntlet), a whip, two batons, a spear gun, and a spear. Additional accessories include an LED light-up Predator mask, a capsule backpack, bone trophies (attachable to the Predatorís belt), and a newly designed diorama base inspired by Naruís campsite, bringing extra detail and dynamism to your display.

The Feral Predator 1/6 Scale Figure is a must-have figure for Predator and sci-fi fans! Available to pre-order now, via Sideshow.

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