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Iron Studios: Apocalypse (Age of Apocalypse) Art Scale

Posted by: Nick on August 4, 2022 at 05:31 PM CST


When David Haller, the psychotic mutant called Legion, son of Professor Xavier, went back in time to eliminate Magneto, he accidentally killed his father, causing a great change in the timeline and creating another reality. This event made it possible for Apocalypse to take control of Earth, 20 years before it was predicted, in a world where there was no one to stop him. Transforming humans into his slaves, in this reality the X-Men were created by Magneto, who came to believe in his old friend’s dream of mutants and humans living in peace. The X-Men formed a resistance force against the villain, without the memories of their old reality, except for Bishop, displaced in time, he became the only hope to restore the previous correct timeline.

More than just a story arc, “Age of Apocalypse” was a big Marvel event, of great importance for the comics chronology and praised by fans to this very day. Now, this memorable saga is represented in another fabulous diorama set, bringing new statues of the X-Men in exclusive versions by Iron Studios, revealed on the Inside Iron Studios Day show, and already individually available for Pre-Order. Check out more on Iron Studios’ social media and YouTube channel.

Apocalypse BDS - X-Men: Age of Apocalypse - Art Scale 1/10


- Limited edition

- Based on original references

- Made in polystone - *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)

- Hand painted

- Product dimensions: 23 in (H) x 26 in (W) x 19.7 in (D)

- Product Weight: 36.1 lbs

- MSRP: USD 999,99 (US Dollars)

- Release schedule: Second quarter of 2023

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