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Premium Collectibles Studio: Maximum Carnage Bust

Posted by: Nick on July 2, 2024 at 06:11 PM CST

Standing 25” high and 17.5” wide, this exceptionally unique fine art piece is an action-packed 360-degree scene displaying the psychotic symbiote Carnage terrorizing Spider-Man along with his friends and foes.

This fully sculpted diorama highlights the bloodthirsty spawn of Venom, Carnage, hosted by the violent criminal Cletus Kasady. The monstrous Carnage dominates this highly creative collectible, entangling an unlikely assortment of small-scale heroes and villains in his amorphous form. Characters such as Spider-Man, Cloak, Venom, Black Cat, Shriek, Demogoblin and the six-armed Spider-Man doppelgänger clash above the symbiote-covered city below.

Each expertly sculpted character is dynamically posed and fully painted, coming together to create a cohesive scene that holds true to the thrilling tone of the Maximum Carnage storyline. The base, composed of a city scene overtaken by the symbiote supervillain’s liquid form, supports a massive, highly detailed life-sized Carnage bust featuring two smaller Carnage bodies seamlessly forming out of either side of this elaborate collectible.

The Platinum Exclusive version of this collectible includes a swap-out tongue offering collectors an alternate display option. PCS Platinum Exclusives also include a metal Certificate of Authenticity and a statue cleaning kit, as well as the chance to win a real 1oz platinum coin and a Ruby Ticket valued at $300 in PCS loyalty points.

It’s time to lose all sense of sanity – add this incredibly unique piece featuring the world’s most menacing slaughter-fueled symbiote to your collection today!

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