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The 411: New Marvel Legends Figures
Posted by D_Martin on April 1, 2008 at 12:08 AM CST:

Judging by the volume of emails we've received, this year's April Fools joke got a lot of you! As sweet as some of these figures would be, this all came out of our twisted minds (except Aurora). Does that mean we won't see any of these? That depends on whether Hasbro saw this list and thought "hey, we could make that..." If it were a real 411 report, we'd have mentioned Guardian and Sasquatch, but it isn't, so we won't.

We were surprised when we got this list, but as is usually the case, it was supported by images, so unless what we saw were very early prototypes, it looks that Hasbro will be providing us with a almost completely repainted line, but with a few little gems...

Astral Projection Professor Xavier

This figure looks surprisingly cool considering it is a direct repaint of the Silver Surfer figure from the Fantastic Four wave. Well, actually, 'repaint' is a misleading term. Xavier is moulded in a light yellow translucent plastic. Included are a gladiator helmet and sword, both moulded in translucent gray plastic.

First Appearance Speedball

Originally this sculpt hit shelves as the Johnny Storm figure from the Fantastic Four wave, but with the flames removed, this is a very convincing repaint as the goofiest superhero Marvel Comics ever dedicated a series to. Speedball comes without additional accessories.

Santa Claws Wolverine

Words can't describe how ridiculous (yet oddly cool) this figure is. Santa Claws Wolverine is nothing more than the Ultimate figure, not even repainted, but it includes a soft goods Santa parka and pants! Clearly someone lost a bet with this one. The question is whether it will be packaged with the goofy gear on or not...

Age Of Apocalypse Banshee

This figure is a straight repaint of the series one Banshee, but this time around the soft goods 'wings' have been replaced with faux leather fringes not too unlike the costume he wore in the AOA series. This figure will also sport a variant with a new mouth-shut head sculpt.


Beak is not only a big surprise, its also the coolest partial kit bash we've seen. Based on the Xorn figure, Beak has a new head sculpt, new forearms, new shins and feet, and a new upper torso.


We've already seen this one in the Wizard World poll a few months back, and by the looks of it, Aurora hasn't been tweaked in any way. What a shame North Star isn't in this wave.

Lockjaw Build A Figure

This is the coolest thing imaginable! While it could use a lot more fur texturing in the sculpt, who ever thought we'd get this guy in the Marvel Legends line?

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