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Cool Toy Review's Holiday Gift Guide (2022) - 13 December Update

Posted by: Nick on December 13, 2022 at 04:26 PM CST

Diamond Select Toys MiniMates

Don't let their diminutive size fool you. These micro action figures pack a lot of detail, accessories, and versatility. The micro nature of their size allows you to display and store more than your average figure, plus they are just the right size for a stocking. Between the impressive box art in the collectors edition and the large catalog of figures from several franchises, you are sure to find the right set for the collector in your life.

See our TMNT Minimates VHS boxed set review here with ordering links.

Check out our Power Rangers Minimates wave one boxed set review here with ordering links.

TCG Bend-Ems

A major staple of the '90's, Bend-Ems were essentially the go to figure that captured the widest spectrum of pop culture. Before Funko Pop! existed this was how you could collect from several lines including Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, and many, many more. Bend-Ems have returned this year choosing some great franchises to focus on, including their second video game line. Featuring some amazing detail and a wallet friendly price point, these are sure to delight collector's both young and mature.

Check out our review of the Sonic and SpongeBob Bend-Ems waves here.

Funko Games Holiday Games

Each year Funko Games continues to surpass and delight us with their pint-sized holiday themed games. Featuring a bow on the packaging, they are optimal for stocking stuffers and already come wrapped. Despite the small size, these are still full-sized adventures. They are convenient to travel with to family or friends for the perfect holiday gaming experience.

Check out our review of the new Planes, Trains, and Automobiles game.

Hasbro Starting Lineup

Another major '90's line resurrected this year is the favorite sports action figure series Starting Lineup. Hasbro announced, to much fanfare, earlier this year that they would be bringing back this iconic line and the definitely delivered on the hype. The first line features some basket ball legends, and both long-time fans and new comers are sure to be impressed with the new technologies Hasbro has utilized on this line. You can acquire these direct from Hasbro at

See our initial impressions along with a gallery of the first wave here.

Factory Entertainment Scaled Prop Replicas

A master of replicas, Factory Entertainment takes that level of exactness and brings it to its scaled line. Don't be fooled by the smaller size, these are nearly identical to their big brothers, just at a much more wallet and space friendly level. With a growing catalog of franchises including MOTU, Thundercats, Batman, and more, there is something for most collectors out there worthy of display.

See our review of the new Thundercats scaled replicas here including ordering links.

Funko Games Party Games

Funko Games continues to wow us with their devotion to the fanbase of several franchises. Expertly capturing not only a large amount of detail but somehow bottling the essence of what makes these shows and films so lovable. These games are more than just a fun challenge, they are an experience. The party game series is perfect for larger or smaller groups and really helps engage a crowd. Stand out at your next game night with one of these great titles.

See our Parks and Rec game review along with a link for more from Funko Games.

Factory Entertainment

In a category all of it's own, Factory Entertainment makes some of the best fan-themed housewares we have seen available. Everything from serving ware, to barware, to towels, and more. They take the attention to detail and exquisite engineering of their replicas and boil them down to miniature size for you to use in a functional way. You are missing out if you have not seen these amazing products yet.

See our Factory Entertainment housewares roundup here along with ordering links.

Check out our look at their Universal Monsters towels in this gallery.

Super7 Ultimates!

Super7 really came to prominence with the launch of their ReAction figures and really found a great niche in the Ultimates! line. These are around seven inches and feature an amazing amount of detail and possibly the best medium of emulating the characters in their intended forms. This year we checked out the Transformers line and were blown away with the engineering and ability to capture that G1 look. Despite not transforming, these were the best we have seen to date that emulate the way we wish action figures looked in the Ď80ís when these shows were at the height of prominence.

Roll out to our Optimus Ultimates! review here with an ordering link.


NECA has so many great lines from Sci-Fi, horror, and more but we are huge fans of the TMNT movies line. Not to say that the cartoon line is not worth mention, it is amazing and we wish figures looked this good when we were kids. The movie line is second to none, capturing all those great details of our heroes in rubber suits during the Ď90ís movie era. Whatís more is the movie line inspired a great crossover line with Universal Monsters, sure to make any collector shriek with joy.

See our NECA Ultimate Shredder review here.

Brace yourself for our frightening NECA April OĎNeil as the Bride of Frankenstein review.

threezero FigZero

The FigZero line from threezero gives us some access to some amazing characters we donít see in other mediums. The line features amazing craftsman ship, a mixture of plastic and fabric, over 30 points of articulation, and many accessories. Fans can find characters from Power Rangers, G.I. Joe, and several anime licenses. These figures have an amazing level of detail in the portraits and clothing. The hand-tailored clothing is so lifeline itís almost like shrank down human clothes, which is quite spectacular. The additional hands, accessories, and portraits in some of the figures help you achieve a wide spectrum of poses. The Ultraman line includes a LED eyes and color timer as well.

See our Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen FigZero review here with an ordering link.

Also check out our Saturo Gojo review with an ordering link as well.

Diamond Select Toys Selects Line

The DST Selects line wonderfully crafts some iconic characters from television, comics, and movies, affording a wide spectrum of characters you canít get anywhere else, or at this level of detail. We are absolutely obsessed with the NBX line, which faithfully recreate the signature eerie look of the Tim Burton classic. This year we got a chance for some hands on time with their first wave of characters from the hit Cobra Kai show. Heroes and villains from this Ď80ís staple return in Selects form featuring their new looks and accessories. Fans of the show will absolutely love these, and we checked with an expert on this, the one of the biggest if not the biggest Karate Kid fan who was also given a role on the Cobra Kai show.

See our review of the first wave of Cobra Kai Selects figures here along with ordering links.

Bandai Dragon Stars and Anime Heroes

For those anime fans, Bandai has a great selection of characters from a variety of properties. While the Dragon Stars line caters exclusively to Dragon Ball characters, the Anime Heroes line hit a broader range of characters and properties.

See our Dragon Stars review with Beerus and Frieza (Final Form).

See our Anime Heroes review featuring Hatake Kakashi and Virgo Shaka.

Hasbro Transformers

The O.G. of Transformers and still offering the best transforming robots out there, Hasbro continues its line that started it all that is getting better with age. New engineering processes allow for better transformations and the creations of iconic characters we wish we had in our childhood. Not to mention the first ever officially licensed auto-transforming Optimus Prime! Running a variety of lines and scales, you are certain to find something for the larger and smaller collectors in your life.

Check out the Transformers Legacy A Hero is Born set review from our partners at Bay 12.


The ever expanding catalog of A1U machines is quite impressive. Resurrecting fan favorite titles from the '70's, '80's, and '90's from a wide variety of categories including beat-em-ups, fighting games, racing games, and shooting games. They are more than just an arcade machine, they double as a work of art and conversation piece sure to elevate the decor of your game room or space. You are bound to find something that speaks to you.

See our review of the newly released Dragon's Lair.

Sony God of War: Ragnarok

There is always an "it" game of the season, and this is it. Aptly themed with snow in game, this is an amazing achievement in story telling and gameplay. Fans of the series will love it, and new comes are certain to find themselves a new gaming icon.

See our look at the Jotnar Edition of the game.

Diamond Select Toys Gallery Diroamas

Wallet friendly without scarfing quality, the PVC Gallery Diorama series from Diamond Select Toys incorporates amazing statues and bases into a fantastic display piece. The expanding catalog features fan favorites from Marvel, Godzilla, G.I. Joe, Sonic the Hedgehog, DC comics, NBX, and many more. It's hard not to find something you love from this series.

See our Snake Eyes Gallery Diorama with ordering links.

Check out our Antique Aang Gallery Diorama with a link as well.

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can been seen and order here sporting a variant look.

Diamond Select Toys/Gentle Giant Ltd. Mini Busts

Another category dominated by DST, the Mini Bust line captures great detail in a sturdy and impressive miniature bust form. Allowing you to display more in less space, the Mini Busts capture iconic characters from X-Men, Spider-Man, the Crow, and more. The animated line are an absolute amazing piece of nostalgia as well.

Check out our review of the animated Mysterio Mini Bust along with an ordering link.

Diamond Select Toys Premier Collection Statues

If the name didnít give it away, these are some top notch pieces. Cast in resin, these are some of the best statues weíve ever seen that incorporate some of the most iconic heroes and villains from pop culture. Youíll see a great assortment of characters from across the Marvel universe. These pieces waste no space and feature some amazing bases as well, which sometimes can steal the show. The level of detail and superior craftsman ship earn their price point, which is still quite modest compared to its peers for a high quality product.

Check out our review of the amazing Cyclops Premier Collection Statue here with ordering link.

See the time traveling rogue Bishop in his Premier Collection form along with an ordering link.

threezero DLX Figures

More than just an action figure, these premium collectibles feature a great marriage of diecast, PVC, and ABS. The line includes Marvel (Iron Man/War Machine) and Transformers (films and TV). Nearly 50 points of articulation and over 222 parts, these are the gold standard of how much utility you can pack into something less than 12 inches. Not to mention the amazing LED light up function, which really helps the figures pop. These will blow away any other figure on the shelf and become the centerpiece of your collection. The Iron Man figures are far and away the greatest among their peers and sure to impress any Marvel fan.

Check out our Iron Patriot review with an ordering link here.

See our Iron Man Mark XLII (42) review here along with a preorder link.

Check out the original Iron Man here in his Mark III suit along with a preorder link.

Diamond Select Toys Legends in 3-Dimensions

Want an impressive larger-scale piece but donít want to break the bank, or your shelf? Well look no further than DSTís amazing Legends in 3D line. These are highly detailed half-size busts made of solid resin, featuring amazing detail down to the bases. With a growing catalog, you can choose from Marvel, DC, Power Rangers, Star Wars, Godzilla, NBX, video game characters, and more. Whatís great about the half scale, other than a much more affordable price point, is that you can fit twice as many in the same space, or in a smaller space. These are great for home decor or on your desk in at work, without being a burden. These statues definitely impress and will delight you for years. We still love our Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and he has become a Halloween staple.

See old steel face himself in our Destro Legends in 3D review and an ordering link for this newly released bust.

This list is by no means comprehensive. We plan on updating the gift guide with other product ideas throughout the holiday season as we spend some more hands on time with other great products to showcase their features for you. Wait where are all the Star Wars gift ideas you ask? Well we partnered with to provide you a great set of Star Wars themed merchandise from several brands that you can check out here.

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