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Iron Studios: Wolverine MiniCo

Posted by: Nick on July 8, 2024 at 07:44 PM CST

Born in Canada in 1832, James Howlett is a mutant with retractable claws in his forearm, enhanced physical attributes, and a powerful healing factor. Thomas Logan, the foreman of John Howlett, was having an affair with his employer's wife, and a confrontation between them resulted in John's death. This event triggered James's mutation, who used his claws to kill Thomas. Before dying, Logan revealed that he was James's biological father. Rejected by his mother, James fled and began using the name Logan. Born a mutant, his powers include keen senses, retractable claws, and great regenerative ability (called a healing factor). His regenerative power slows down his aging. Logan was a test subject in a government experiment (the Weapon X Program) in which his skeleton and claws were coated with Adamantium (an indestructible fictional metal). With no memory of much of his past, he adopted the codename Wolverine and became one of the most important hero members of the X-Men group.

Already available for Pre-order, the Wolverine - Deadpool and Wolverine - MiniCo statue was revealed on the Inside Iron Studios Day of June, just like in the eagerly awaited film that hits theaters on July 25th. It makes a perfect pair with the "Deadpool - Deadpool and Wolverine - MiniCo" statue, so make sure to get yours now! Check out more recently revealed new releases from Iron Studios on their social media and YouTube channel!

Wolverine - Deadpool and Wolverine - MiniCo
- Creation: Iron Studios
- Made in PVC
- Hand painted
- Includes base display
- Product dimensions: 5.7 in (H) x 3.2 in (W) x 3.4 in (D)
- Product Weight: 0.5 lbs
- MSRP: USD 39,99 (American US Dollars)
- Release schedule: Third quarter of 2024

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