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NECA: Universal Monster Mask Line Review

Posted by: Nick on October 8, 2021 at 12:00 AM CST


Paying homage to the Universal Studios 3.75 monster figure collection from Remco. The masks are a close copy to the head of the original figures. Each was sculpted by Mortar Heads run by Mark Enright, an experienced pop culture merchandise creator.


Initially, the package was intended to look like the cardbacks of the original Remco figures, as pictured above in the promotional shots of the products. These masks were intended to arrive on a monthly basis, instead customers who ordered the set got a single shipment with a box of masks in bags and no explanation (below). Subsequent inquires revealed that, due to production delays, Loot Crate opted to expedite the process by having the manufacturer ship directly to the customer. The items all still arrived in good condition, however it was a massive letdown that they did not include the packaging as it made it a solid collectors item and really connected it back to the line.


The sculpts are essentially an exact match to the Remco figures. Each is vibrant and colorful and goes beyond the simple mask component, capturing additional detail in the upper torso. In addition to being fully wearable, you can use these to liven up your seasonal displays, or just add to your room if you are a Universal Monster fan. You'll have to get a unique mask holder as a standard foam head or most wig holders are not tall enough to accommodate the mask. We recommend checking on Etsy.

Final Thoughts

Despite six months of delays and the disappointing packaging, we were still really impressed with this set. It helps add a little flair to any decor and they are great conversation pieces. We hope NECA resists more retro style heads and the future and now that they have a partnership with Rubies and the Star Wars license, we can only dream about a line of vintage Kenner Star Wars masks based on the action figure line.

Be sure to check out the photos we took of all six masks in the gallery link above.

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