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Super Impulse: World's Smallest Transformers Micro Figures

Posted by: Nick on June 14, 2020 at 05:45 PM CST

A special thank you to Super Impulse for providing us with a review set. For those of you not familiar with the World's Smallest product line from Super Impulse, imagine all the iconic games and toys from our youth but super small. The micro figure line is a newer edition and we first experienced it at Toy Fair this year, and we were quite impressed with the detail and features of a line that is only 1.25 inches tall.

Again, like the GI Joe line, this wave of figures continues to use the reusable clamshell packaging for display or holding your figure. The difference with this set is the packaging artwork is the same for all the figures. The packaging artwork is based on the G1 Optimus Prime packaging. There is no variation from figure to figure. Also different with this wave to the GI Joe wave, besides the stand, there are no accessories. Each figure still has three points of articulation, and if you are wondering, no they do not transform. But at this size how would they, I cannot imagine being able to manipulate a multi-staged transformation with a 1.25 inch figure.

Here you can also see the back card is based on the iconic back of all the packaging, just a little cropped. Oddly enough it says "Transforms from robot to car and back!" on the packaging, which we thought was to maintain the aesthetic of the packaging but we don't see that phrase on the original card backs.

Optimus Prime

The wise leader of the autobots looks great in this micro scale. He features his G1 cartoon paint scheme and looks really detailed for a figure of this scale, truly great paint applications. We wish he included his iconic rifle as an accessory but he is still a great figure regardless.


A faithful lieutenant to Optimus and a fan favorite, Bumblebee looks great in his G1 cartoon decor, they really nailed the details at this scale. Sharp paint applications and easy articulation.


A clear favorite representing the very best (or worst) of the deceptions. The conniving Starscream is in all his G1 cartoon glory, featuring great details and includes his blasters mounted to his wings. This was a solid inclusion in our opinion. We found the head difficult to move because of his design and the engine intakes around his head. Also the head sculpt is not the best compared to Bumblebee or Optimus, it is hard to make out any distinguishing features.

All together this is another solid set worthy of any Transformers fan's attention. We hope the line expands to include more fan favorites (please Soundwave) and possibly accessories in the future. These should be available at most major toy retailers. At the time of this article we could not find any online for MSRP.

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