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SDCC08: Hasbro Marvel Panel...LIVE!
Posted by Curto on July 25, 2008 at 04:30 PM CST:
2:30-3:30 Hasbro: Marvel? Jerry Jivoin, Michelle Favaloro, and Scott George of Hasbro marketing and Brian Wilk, Josh Lamb, Steve Redinger, Dwight Stall, and Logan Lubera of Hasbro Design present the Hasbro Marvel line, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Marvel Legends and Super Hero Squad toy lines from 2008. Also, see a sneak peek into the 2009 line and a Q&A session! Room 5AB

We're about to begin! >Whew!<
Actually, we're running late....the previous panel is still going on...and they are boring. BAH! Wrap it up already! (Although truthfully, I am enjoying the break! :) )

Okay, the previous panel is clearing out. Everything's set up now....let the show begin!

After a quick introduction, the panel begins with a thanks to the fans (that's us, folks!)
They'll be flying through the presentation quickly, with a focus on the new stuff we haven't seen yet.

Exclusives fro SDCC
Starting off with the Fin Fang Foom wave.
Ka-Zar, Shanna, & Zabu are next.
Mighty Muggs Iron Man

Marvel Legends
Will be 2-packs, with extra accessories. The first four we've seen before....several variants include Skrull Elektra and Ronin unmasked.

Wave 2 wil be Iron Man & Maria Hill, Nick Fury & Hand Ninja, Kree & Skrull, Human Torch & Invisible Woman

BAFs exclusive to Target & Wal-Mart. Nemesis wave will be coming!

AoA Sunfire will be available from

Transformers Crossovers continue...with Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, Venom, Captain America, Carnage. War Machine, Thor (Thor looks pretty cool! )

Mighty Muggs will also continue. Fans dig them!

Iron Man....some new repaints. Not all based on the movie....mostly based on the video game.

Spider-Man...both from Spectacular Spider-Man, and the Classics line.

Super Hero Squad!! Spider-Man/Ultron, Nick Fury/Skrull, Spider-Man/Ronin, Weapon X/Mystique, Spidey-Shang Chi....and more. Too fast to keep track of. A few exclusives for Hulk.

Q: WHAT ABOUT THE 3-3/4" line???
A: it's a setup....they showed off a great video clip, and then answered HELL YES We're doing it!!

MARVEL UNIVERSE will be the central location for the's going to be HUGE!!

Nick Fury is the central character, recruiting various heroes to help fight of the Skrull invasion. S.H.I.E.L.D. cards will be included with the figures.

Figures include:
- Iron Man!
- Spider-Man
- Silver Surfer
- Punisher
- Black Panther
- Daredevil
- Human Torch (Johnny Storm variant)
- Iron Man (Stealth Armor)
- Wolverine (X-Force costume)
- Ultimate Captain Amercia
- Green Goblin
- Hulk
- Grey Hulk
- Black Spider-Man
- Ms. Marvel (with classic variant)
- Hobgoblin
- & many more (I'll list them later....too fast to keep up)!

Frank Cho worked on the packaging. Toy Biz and Gentle Giant have also helped out with the designs and sculpts.

Q: What will happen to the Marvel Legends line?
A: They are still looking at that.

Q: How many Marvel Universe figures will there be?
A: 35 figures planned for 2009, possibly more. Maybe vehicles down the road.

Q: Will the new line include a BAF concept, more to scale?
A: Is that's something you would like to see? Actually, they are open to different scales.

Q: What about Deadpool?
A: Deadpool is one of Hasbro's favorites.

Q: 12" ICONS scale? Will there be more articulation in them?
A: 12" is not planned after the next wave.

Q: What is your favorite part of the whole process of crating the toys?
A: They enjoy all of it...getting to choose the characters, picking their favorites, etc. brainstorming for the entire year...hashing out the selection, and arguing over the choices. Working with Marvel is a lot of fun. They also really enjoy coming here to SDCC, meeting the fans, and showing off the latest toys, and hearing the feedback from the fans. The design process is also fun....trying to figure out how to fit the figures into the boxes, etc.

Q: Exclusives are a pain for international collectors.
A: You should move. No, really....make some collector friends. Hasbro is working on getting the distribution outside of the US

Q: Will we see the Young Avengers in toy form?
A: They are playing a bigger role, so it's possible.

Q: Will we see more rare characters?
A: We can go deep with the's all-new (even Stryfe!)

Q: Will the Super Hero Showdown come out?
A: Yes, some are already in the works.

Q: What happened to the Spider-Man/Kraven set for SHS?
A: The last wave did not ship.

Q: Great choices for the 3-3/4" line...will there be comic packs?
A: Seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?

Q: Will the 3-3/4" figures will have pegholes to help them stand?
A: Yes

Q: Can they cross-populate with other toy lines?
A: Fans can play with all of them.

Q: The Wolverine costume is wrong?
A: It was from a cover from Uncanny X-Men, not the X-Force book.

Q: Will you do a series of Thor figures? Or maybe cosmic characters?
A: There are lots of possibilities in there.

Q: How long do you see the Mighty Muggs last?
A: oh, 70 years or so! As long as fans keep buying them they'll keep making them.

Q: Iron Man figures are awesome...not so much The Incredible Hulk figures.
A: They tried something different.

Q: Are there certain characters they won't do?
A: The only limitations if Hasbro doesn't have the rights to do them.

Okay, that's it....panel's over! >Whew!<

Oh, the figures are going to be in the Hasbro booth tomorrow! SWEET!

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