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2012 In (Cool Toy) Review: Large-Sized Line of the Year
Published by Rich on January 11, 2013 at 03:22 PM CST |

"Mattel's Monster High dolls haven't been featured at Cool Toy Review, because, well, they're dolls, but this fresh and creative toy line garnered the top spot as their 12-inch line of the year.

The teenage daughters (and sons) of classic monsters range from the obvious Frankie Stein and Draculaura to the rockabilly Operetta (daughter of the Phantom) and a pair of werecat twins.

The line has expanded over dozens of themes, adding new characters along the way, not to mention some wicked playsets, all following along with the one-to-three minute webisodes and seasonal TV specials. And these monsters are fashionable - which translates into clothing lines for little ghouls, I mean, girls.

The dolls themselves are to die for. The head and hand molds are unique to each monster. The arm and leg joints are a bit delicate, but they are designed to easily detach and reattach with almost unlimited articulation - this is no rugged Barbie - this is an intricate work of art, to be posed and vogued in her haute couture. Speaking of, Monster High has amassed a cult-like following of customizers who can bring the most amazing monsterpieces to life. From girls to guys, kids to collectors, Monster High is a pop culture phenomenon and Cool Toy Review's large-scale figure line of the year. Oh and guys, don?t think we haven?t noticed you checking out the Monster High dolls on your way to the action figure aisles!"

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