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International Toy Fair 2018: Diamond Select Toys

Posted by: Nick on February 22, 2018 at 08:47 PM CST


Diamond Select Toys' Marketing Supervisor Zach Oat, who gave us a tour of their booth, was particularly fond of the Real Ghostbusters figures that were on display (as was our photographer*). Also shown were some characters sporting their Ghostbusters II movie costumes and a firehouse entrance display set with removable lettering for movie accuracy and swappable signage. A neat feature from this line was the alternate Viggo head for Ray.

DC Entertainment

There were a few bust from the long-running Batman: The Animated Series on display along with a few Justice League characters. A nice mixture of upcoming exclusives, a few pieces from the Justice League Movie, and some Batman '66 busts. No, the bronze bust in the set does not open up to reveal the bat-button but the Zach did like the idea, so maybe in the future?

Video Games

We saw a few different styles for Sonic the Hedgehog toys but Kingdom Hearts took up the most real estate. There were figures from Kingdom Hearts II and Birth by Sleep. Expect some Timeless River exclusives to hit Gamestop or Hot Topic later this year.

Marvel Comics

The Marvel Comics / Studios line was quite impressive featuring Marvel Select action figures and statues from X-Men, Deadpool, Netflix Marvel, and the broader Marvel universe. The newest one here being Beast, making his debut in 90's Jim Lee (X-Men #1 cover) style.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

It's always great to see some new figures from this line and these prototypes delivered. We could not articulate them because they were resin casts but they were painted giving you a good idea of what to expect the finished product to look like. The tree in particular is an ambitious design, no word on how the skeletons will hang but it looks cool. There were also some environments sets featuring the wrapping table, which will connect if you get all three sets. The larger figures also included bases or other additional accessories for display. Expect these to be available for order in the late summer or early fall.

*Editors note: I offing love The Real Ghostbusters! Great job DST!!!!! - DMM

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