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Super7: Announcing SuperSports Product Line
Published by Nick on March 6, 2019 at 05:47 PM CST

SupersportsTM by Super7® will launch this exciting line of products with a brand new licensing agreement with Major League Baseball. Featuring iconic MLB players and teams from the past plus the best of today, the collection will include 3.75” ReAction Figures®, a Super7® classic, plus Bullpen BuggiesTM, a new diecast take on classic bullpen carts, and Pintrill co-branded enamel pins featuring players, mascots and some of the greatest moments in MLB history. This collaboration builds on the Super7® brand tradition of taking nostalgic properties from the past and adding a unique twist for a modern consumer.

The 2019 SupersportsTM MLB product line will include pieces commemorating baseball greats like Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams as part of a larger collection framed up by two of the greatest rivalries of the game —Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees, and San Francisco Giants versus Los Angeles Dodgers. The inaugural collection will also feature several team mascots such as the beloved Philly Phanatic, Mr. Met and the off-kilter Crazy Crabfrom the 1984 San Francisco Giants, showcased in the Super7® style.

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