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threezero: The Walking Dead Negan 1/6 Scale Figure
Published by D_Martin on June 9, 2017 at 10:58 AM CST

1/6 scale Negan collectible figure, continues our AMC The Walking Dead license and will be available for pre-order at our threezero Official Website starting from June 13th 9:00AM Hong Kong time and for a limited time only. Price: 168USD / 1310HKD with Worldwide shipping included in the price.

All Negan collectible figures purchased at will be coming with free threezero t-shirt. Please choose color (black or grey) of the t-shirt and your preferred size (S – XL) during the purchase. If you will not specify size or color, we will send you grey t-shirt in L size.

Please keep in mind: Even if you already had an account at our old store, you will need to complete quick and easy registration procedure again at threezero Official Website.

Negan collectible figure stands approximately 12” (30.5cm) tall, it's fully-articulated and highly detailed collectible, featuring realistic likeness to characters on-screen appearance, including tailored clothing. Collectible comes with Faux-Leather Jacket, Bandana, Long sleeved T-shirt, Pants with Belt, Larger Belt, Boots and features Bandage on left wrist. Colt 1911 with detachable Magazine, Two versions of ‘Lucillle’ (Plastic Bat with wood finish and Woodcast Bat with DIY Iron Wire), Hatchet and Marker Pen are included with the figure along with multiple Exchangeable Gloved and Bare Hands.

1/6th scale The Walking Dead Negan collectible details:
12” (30.5cm) tall articulated figure featuring tailored clothing;
Head sculpt with realistic likeness to the character portrayed in the series;
Faux-leather Jacket;
Long sleeved T-shirt;
Pants with Belt;
Larger Belt;
Bandage (on left wrist).

Accessories and weapons:
Colt 1911 with detachable Magazine;
Two versions of ‘Lucille’
- Plastic Bat with wood finish and embossed wire
- Woodcast Bat with DIY Iron Wire
Marker Pen.

Exchangeable hands:
Relaxed right gloved hand and left bare hand;
Gripping right gloved hand (for Colt 1911);
Gripping right gloved hand and left bare hand (for Bat);
Opened right gloved hand;
One bare left fist.

*Final product may vary from prototype images.

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