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It is Toy Fair time again, and as always Cool Toy Review, and our sister site Rebelscum, are bringing you up to the second coverage of the event. For the first time, this year's coverage will be broken down by alphabetically by company to make it easier for you to follow the companies you collect. Simply scroll down and find the companies you like and you'll find the latest update on the top of the list!


Activision's Skylanders Giants Figure Driven Game
The new chapter in the Skylanders saga was fully revealed at Toy Fair, and it looks like a lot of fun! Click through to find out more about the figure driven video game called Skylanders Giants.

Skylanders Toy Fair Exclusive Cynder
Attendees that visited the Activision Skylanders showroom at last week's International Toy Fair were given a special repainted version of the game-activating Cynder figure. The figure is now one of the most talked about exclusives to come from this year's event, and is tearing eBay a new one. Follow this link to have a closer look at this cool exclusive, featuring photography by Rich Alot.


The Bandai Showroom
When you start seeing Ben 10, ThunderCats, and Godzilla in a Toy Fair photo gallery, it can only mean one thing: We were in the Bandai showroom and we've got the pictures to prove it. Also shown is their upcoming Pac-Man Plug & Play and the first wave of products based on the upcoming Dorothy Of Oz feature film. Not shown however, much to our chagrin, is the Power Rangers assortment. We weren't able to get to it due to a meeting taking place in that section of the showroom.


The Bif Bang Pow! Booth
Get into your retro chair and get comfortable! The next entry to our 2012 Toy Fair photo galleries takes a look at what Bif Bang Pow! had on display in their booth, including the new Six Million Dollar Man series they are totally stoked about... (and we think it is pretty neat too. After all, any company that is cool enough to produce Scott Ian figures gets props.)


The DC Direct Booth
Our Toy Fair coverage returns with a new gallery from inside the walls of the DC Direct booth in the Javitz Center. Follow the above link to check out all they had on display (though you'll likely remember seeing a lot of it right here over the past week.)


The Diamond Select Toys Showroom
Our Toy Fair coverage continues with a visit to the Diamond Select Toys Showroom to check out their Star Trek, Knight Rider, Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Minimates, Mad Monster Party, Universal monsters, Expendables, and other lines too. Follow the above link to check out this big gallery.

Cool Stuff At Previews
If you didn't know, Previews showroom is where you find the different collectible brands distributed by Diamond Distribution, the parent company of Diamond Select Toys. While at the Javitz Center, we took a closer look at some of the cool stuff on display from a bunch of different manufacturers and built the above linked gallery of the stuff we really thought was cool, including pieces from Hammer Films, Star Trek, Death Note, and much more.

What's Next From Diamond Select Toys?
During our meeting in their showroom, Diamond Select Toys shared with us the entire release date schedule for 2012. Check out exactly when you can expect to see the cool toys you saw in the photo gallery after the jump!


Hasbro's Amazing Spider-Man Display
A lot of people are saying that The Avengers is going to be the biggest Marvel movie this year, and they may be right, but we're not counting The Amazing Spider-Man out from being the best Marvel movie this year (Spidey even has a Queens accent!). The next photo gallery in our Toy Fair coverage will certainly keep the kids happy, though there isn't much collector friendly stuff in The Amazing Spider-Man display in the Hasbro showroom. Follow the above link to see for yourself.

Hasbro's Marvel Universe Display
As exciting as the Marvel Legends line is, our next entry in our Toy Fair coverage is a photo gallery of the other Marvel line, and one that we here at CTR absolutely adore. Hasbro's Hasbro's Marvel Universe action figure collection continues to offer some of the coolest figures we've ever wanted, and the above linked display doesn't disappoint. how can you go wrong with an action figure collection that offers us both Puck and Paper Bag Spidey?

Hasbro's Marvel Legends Display
Our Toy Fair coverage continues with a photo gallery of Hasbro's Marvel Legends action figure collection. Follow the above link to see the first two waves of the action figure collection you demanded!

Hasbro's G.I. Joe Retaliation Display
Next up in our Toy Fair coverage is a photo gallery of Hasbro's G.I. Joe Retaliation action figure collection. Follow the above link to see everything they had on display in their show room.

Hasbro Marvel Universe & Marvel Legends
For your viewing and reading pleasure, here's a full gallery of the latest Marvel Universe toys Hasbro revealed today during Toy Fair. Get the full scoop after the jump!

Hasbro's Avengers Display
Toy Fair has officially begun and following Hasbro's Collector's Event we are back and furiously editing galleries and writing up stories on what we saw and some of the stuff we didn't see. Follow this link to check out our first photo gallery featuring The Avengers display in the Hasbro showroom. After you check it out make sure to head over to our sister site,, for all the Star Wars news from Hasbro, but don't go too far away, we'll be publishing news and galleries for the next couple of hours!


The Funko Showroom
You saw the Star Wars collectibles on Rebelscum, and now we have a photo gallery that shows off the rest of the Funko showroom. Follow the above link to check out all the pop culture excellence!


The JAKKS Pacific Showroom
The photo gallery portion of our 2012 Toy Fair coverage came to an end with these two last galleries, both showing off almost everything on display in the JAKKS Pacific showroom. Follow this link for the more male oriented toy lines and this one for the female oriented toy lines. Next up: product information!

JAKKS Pacific Girls' Toy Lines
The JAKKS Pacific show room was a pretty balanced mix of boys and girls toys, and many popular brands were represented, most of which you've seen in our photo galleries, and now we can fill you in on just what it was you were looking at. Click through to find out more about many of JAKKS' girls' toys shown in our Toy Fair coverage.


The Jazwares Booth
Next up in our Toy Fair coverage is a gallery showing off all the non-Star Wars stuff displayed by Jazwares including their Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, and Adventure Time toys. Click the link above to have a closer look!


The Kotobukiya Showroom
Next up in our Toy Fair coverage we take a look at the Kotobukiya Showroom. Follow the above link to check it out then head over to Rebelscum to see the Star Wars stuff they had on display.


The LEGO Showroom
The very first thing we had to do Sunday morning was head over to Javitz at 7:00 AM for the annual LEGO Press Event, and as it has been the start of many Sundays during Toy Fair, we were just starting a very busy day there. Follow the above link to check out absolutely every single brick they had on display in their showroom, but be forewarned, this gallery is huge!

TF2012: The LEGO Press Releases
We've collected together three press releases from LEGO, including an overview of their 2012 line offerings, a company overview, and an announcement about the future of their Star Wars collection. Click through for a lot of reading.


The Madame Alexander Showroom
Our Toy Fair coverage comes back again to the girls toys with a new photo gallery showcasing all the new dolls on display in the Madame Alexander showroom. We know this isn't for everyone, but some of you might like them, so if you do, follow the above link to check them out.


The Mattel Collector's Event
We move over to one of the biggest shows at Toy Fair with the Mattel Collector's Event. Follow the above link to check out the new Matty items being offered for the WWE, Ghostbusters, Masters Of The Universe, DC Universe, The Dark Knight Rises, and Voltron.

The Mattel Other Display
What was on display at the Collector's Event is only a fraction of what Mattel had on displayed in their massive show room. Follow this link to see what they had in the other showroom, including Barbie, Monster High, some cuddly 'Rasslers, and some Disney stuff.

Barbie's Dream Closet
Now that we are through with all the photo galleries we are finally able to go through our inboxes and get to the press releases we didn't have time to look at during Toy Fair. First up is a press release from Mattel regarding the world of Barbie and her Dream Closet. Click through to find out more.


The Mega Brands Showroom
The next photo gallery in our Toy Fair coverage shows you everything we thought you'd like to see in the Mega Brands showroom, except for their toys based on the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man feature film. They weren't allowed to show us that, but we'll have official images of that line soon enough.

TF2012:Mega Brands Power Rangers Press Release
You saw the images in our Toy Fair coverage and now Mega Brands has released information on their brand new Power Rangers Super Samurai collection. Click through for more information on this series of Mighty Morphin building brick toys.


The McFarlane Toys Booth
Next in our Toy Fair coverage is a gallery of images shot at the McFarlane Toys booth. not a lot to see this year, but you might spot a couple of new things there. Follow the above link for a closer look.

Back To The McFarlane Toys Booth
While wrapping up all the loose ends for our Toy Fair coverage, we noticed three new statues added to the McFarlane Toys showroom. Click through this link to see all three new Spawn statues.


The Mezco Toyz Gallery
The next new gallery to be added in our Toy Fair coverage showcases everything on display at the Mezco Toyz booth. Sadly, they wouldn't let us shoot The Dark Knight Rises stuff, but we had a peek at it and it looks awesome! Also, an important note regarding their full colour version of the Frankenstein Monster, for the first time as far back as we can remember, you can get ol' Franky with the proper black jacket instead of the silly green one the Universal Monsters people always wanted him to have. Follow the above link and take a peek.


MGA Entertainment Steps Up Fight Against Cancer
MGA takes on a noble challenge in an effort to raise funds for cancer research, and make toy history with the announcement of their True Hope Bratz and True Hope Moxie Girlz dolls. Click through to find out more on this great charity campaign that will benefit the City of Hope for cancer research.


The NECA Showroom
Next up in our Toy Fair coverage is a gallery showing off all the cool new stuff in the NECA Showroom. Follow the above link to check out figures based on the Hunger Games, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Predator, Rocky, Gremlins, Robocop, and a pile of amazing video game lines. Take note of the intrinsic plastics used on one of the Freddy's, Rocky, and Clubber.

NECA To Produce Prometheus Figures
While visiting with Randy Falk in the National Entertainment Collectibles Association show room we found out they are producing a full range of figures based on the highly anticipated feature film Prometheus, the oft rumoured prequel to his groundbreaking 1979 film Alien (watch the trailer and you know what the score is). Due to the licensing agreement they couldn't comment on what the line will include but Randy did confirm the figures would show up after the film opens. The delay is a necessary evil in toy production, as designs in feature films can change at the drop of a hat, and NECA wanted to ensure they were creating the most film accurate collectibles possible. Knowing the line is slated to hit shelves in the third quarter this year, we're betting no seeing the full assortment online around the time of the film's opening in June, and a closer look at them at this summer's San Diego Comic-Con.

What Didn't We See At NECA's Toy Fair Showroom?
As mentioned below, we are getting Prometheus figures, but what else do we know about that wasn't on display in the National Entertainment Collectibles Association showroom? Click through for a complete rundown.


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Next up in our Toy Fair coverage is a gallery showing off all the figures and toys in Playmates Toys' band new reimagined Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line including the basic assortment, deluxe talking figures, playsets, vehicles, role play sets, and the fantastic anniversary collection that offers contemporary takes on the original four Turtle figures from 1988!

TF2012: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Card Back
While on the topic of Playmates Toys' band new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, we had one more image that didn't make it into the gallery that we thought you might like. Follow this link to have a closer look at the action figure card backs for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

TF2012: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Press Release
We're pretty excited about Playmates Toys' brand new take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, and you should be too. Click through for the full press release about this contemporary re-imagining of one of the most popular action figure collections of all times. On a related topic, we reported before Toy Fair that Playmates Toys was currently planning on making a line of figures based on the IDW comic book, but it turns out we were mistaken. When asked at Toy Fair, Playmates marketing rep Chris Kay confirmed this isn't something currently being developed.

Playmates Toys' Girl Lines
Beyond the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures and toys we saw while visiting with Playmates Toys, we also took a peek at the girls toys they had in their showroom. It may not be something you wanted to see in our Toy fair coverage, but if it is, we're happy to hook you up with this and more galleries as well.


The Playmobil Showroom
On the last day of Toy Fair we still had a lot of galleries and stories to publish before our coverage came to a close. Next up is a photo gallery that shows off the entire Playmobil showroom. Follow the above link to check it out.

Information On Playmobil's 2012 Line Up
You saw the images of their showroom at Toy Fair, and now we have the full press release to tell you more about what you saw in the photo gallery. Click through to get filled in on all the details of their 2012 collection.


The Round 5 Booth
Next up in our continuing Toy Fair coverage we move over to the Round 5 booth for a closer look at their UFC and Bruce Lee collectibles, including the awesome blind box Bruce Lee figures. This series will initially feature 28 figures (three shown in the gallery), and the chance figures will feature a sound chip in the box, so you'll always know you've scored. Follow the above link to have a closer look at what we could shoot.


The Square Enix Gallery
What do you get when you take Street Fighter, Metal Gear Solid, and Batman: Arkham Asylum? Well, yeah, you do get a great weekend of gaming, but that isn't what we're thinking about. The answer on our mind is the Square Enix booth, which as you have likely figured out is the next photo gallery in our Toy Fair coverage. Follow the above link for a closer look.


The Tokidoki Booth
One of the highlights of this year's Toy Fair was finding our favourite urban designer's booth. Follow this link to check out the very cool Tokidoki display to see all their Marvel, Barbie, vinyl, and plush awesomeness.


The Tonner Doll Company
Visiting the next entry in our Toy Fair photo galleries is always a photographic joy. Follow this link to check out everything on display in the Tonner Doll Company booth including a closer look at all the stuff we revealed last week and our first look at their (very cool) Avatar and Tron Legacy dolls. Once again, the creative team behind the Tonner creations have created unique collectible art that many collectors appreciate, including us.


The Underground Toys Gallery
Another day of photography at the Javitz Center means another night of photo editing. Some people call it a lot of work, we call it a lot of fun! Next up in our Toy Fair coverage is a look at all the non-Star Wars products on display at the Underground Toys booth. Naturally, all doctor Who fans will want to check it out!


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