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Iron Studios: Jurrasic Park Icons Brachiosaurus, Blue B, and Velociraptor C

Nick November 7, 2022

Icons is the newest Iron Studios line, composed of statues of the most famous dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, in miniatures over stylized pedestals with the movie logo, thoroughly presenting the same realistic details in their anatomy and painting as seen in their larger-scale statues. Full Report

Iron Studios: Gladiator Hulk Legacy Replica

Nick November 4, 2022

Iron Studios has the pleasure to present the statue "Gladiator Hulk Deluxe - Infinity Saga - Legacy Replica 1/4", with the green Goliath ready to crush and consecrate himself as the champion in front of his crowd of fans. Full Report

Iron Studios: Frankenstein's Monster Art Scale

Nick November 4, 2022

Iron Studios brings the statue "Frankensteinīs Monster Deluxe - Universal Monsters - Art Scale 1/10", with the infamous monster in a diorama set next to a series of equipment and electrical devices that brought him to life, and next to the heavy and destroyed wooden door from the dungeon, over the rustic and old wooden floor from the medieval tower where he was born. Full Report

Iron Studios: Sauron Deluxe Art Scale

Nick November 2, 2022

Iron Studios brings you the statue "Sauron Deluxe - The Lord of the Rings - Art Scale 1/10" with the main and most feared antagonist in the saga created by J.R.R. Tolkien, such as seen in the movie trilogy by director Peter Jackson. Full Report

Iron Studios: Teela and Orko Deluxe Art Scale

Nick November 2, 2022

ron Studios proudly presents another statue in their MOTU line with "Teela and Orko Deluxe - Masters of the Universe - Art Scale 1/10", with Eternia’s greatest warrior and the small and brave but sometimes clumsy Trollan sorcerer, together over a pedestal of spiky rocks from a battlefield. Full Report

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