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Mattel: Turtles of Grayskull Mouse-Jaw Review

Nick February 15, 2024

Another great crossover from this month and yes it's still Turtles! Check out the first deluxe figure in the MOTU x TMNT Turtles of Greyskull line....Mouse-Jaw! Full Report

Mattel: Jurassic Park Man Creates Dinosaurs SDCC Exclusive Set Review

Nick August 10, 2023

Man creates dinosaurs.....from the mouth of Ian Malcom the set 30 years in the making arrives at SDCC. Step into the shoes of Spielberg himself as you create your own classic Jurassic Park scenes. Full Report

SDCC 2023: Event Coverage Roundup

Nick August 7, 2023

Despite the minimal presence of studios this year, there were so many amazing things on display at SDCC. Check out a recap of what we saw this year. Full Report

SDCC 2023: Mattel Booth

Nick July 22, 2023

Mattel features some fan favorites from Jurassic Park, Masters of the Universe and WWE. See if there is something for you in our booth coverage. Full Report

Mattel: He-Man 40th Anniversary Figure Review

Nick January 30, 2023

We always appreciate a good MOTU figure and Bobby is glad to deliver us a look at the new He-Man 40th Anniversary figure! Full Report

Mattel: Virtual Comic Con Exclusives Hot Wheels and Jurassic Park

Nick July 16, 2021

Bunch more Mattel reveals including Jurassic Park and Hot Wheels! These will be available 22 July at 9am. Full Report



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