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Loyal Subjects: Loyal Subjects Tokka and Rahzar (Arcade Colors) Review

Nick August 15, 2023

We wrap up our SDCC exclusive coverage with the unique arcade colors versions of Tokka and Rahzar from Loyal Subjects. Check out these baddies from Turtles in Time. Full Report

SDCC 2023: Event Coverage Roundup

Nick August 7, 2023

Despite the minimal presence of studios this year, there were so many amazing things on display at SDCC. Check out a recap of what we saw this year. Full Report

SDCC 2023: Loyal Subjects Booth

Nick July 22, 2023

Check out all the turtle love from Loyal Subjects and see if you can see where I messed up a fan favorite Marvel character's name. Full Report

SDCC 2023: Tamashi Nations Booth

Nick July 21, 2023

Tamashi has a wide range of anime and unique products in an assortments of lines. See what's new and upcoming from One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, Godzilla, Dragon Ball, Star Wars, and more! Full Report

Loyal Subjects: TMNT SDCC Exclusives

Nick July 4, 2023

Mark your calendars - from July 19 till July 23 -San Diego Comic Con is on! Immerse yourself into the world of TMNT with the one and only - The Loyal Subjects! Full Report

Loyal Subjects: Krang (Arcade Damage) BST AXN XL Review

Nick January 31, 2023

We have another unique episode for Turtle Tuesday. Continuing our look at the arcade series from Loyal Subjects TMNT line, we have a look at Krang in an XL debut. Check out this large sized figure in all his Konami classic glory. Full Report

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