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Cool Toy Review's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Nick November 11, 2020

Well it has been a crazy and unpredictable year. There is always one thing you can rely on though and that thing is our holiday gift guide. Check out what we are most excited about this holiday season as you gear up to get something special for that special someone in your life, or just for yourself (no judgement). Full Report

Super Impulse: World's Smallest Magic The Gathering Duel Decks Review

Nick November 6, 2020

Check out our closer look at this latest addition to Super Impulse's World's Smallest line, a fully functional miniature Magic The Gathering deck set. Thanks to Super Impulse for providing us with this review sample. Full Report

Super Impulse: Micro Arcade Oregon Trail Review

Nick November 6, 2020

Time to hunt some buffalo! Time to relive the classic game that became an essential part of our childhood. Check out Super Impulse's portable take on the iconic classic. Full Report

Super Impulse: Tiny Arcade Turtle Fighter Review

Nick November 4, 2020

First introduced at New York Toy Fair this year, Super Impulse added a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cabinet to its Tiny Arcade lineup. Check out our hands-on time with this addition to Super Impulse's lineup and the gallery in the full article. Full Report

Super Impulse: World's Smallest Micro Masters of the Universe Figure Review

Nick October 31, 2020

We continue to be impressed by the detail and functionality of Super Impulse's World's Smallest Micro Figures and the Master's of the Universe line is no exception. See why these figures have the power in the full article. Full Report

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