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Factory Entertainment: SDCC Exclusives

Nick May 31, 2023

As in previous years, Factory Entertainment is making its SDCC exclusives available online in limited quantities before appearing at the show. Check out what is revealed so far. Full Report

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk

Nick May 30, 2023

Hasbro today revealed a brand new Gladiator Hulk figure inspired by Hulkís appearance on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok. This 6-inch-scale figure stands tall at 8.375 inches without helmet. While wearing the removable helmet (which has a mohawk), it is 9.25 inches tall to the very top. Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: Animated Doctor Octopus Minibust Review

Nick May 30, 2023

Adding to our Sinister Six, we have the determined leader from his appearance in the '90's Spider-Man animated series. Check out our look at this deluxe minibust and see why it's a great addition to your collection. Full Report

Marvel Legends: West Coast Avengers

Nick May 27, 2023

Hasbro revealed the latest addition to the Marvel Legends line of figures Ė a five-pack of The West Coast Avengers! The pack includes 5 of the core members of the team including Iron Man, Marvelís Mockingbird, Marvelís Tigra, Spider-Woman and Hank Pym. The pack, an exclusive to Amazon, comes with 16 comics-inspired accessories. Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: Animated Loki and Apocalypse Statues Review

Nick May 25, 2023

Who says evil has to be so serious? Check out these lighter-hearted animated takes on some classic Marvel villains from Diamond Select Toys! Full Report

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Nighthawk and Blur

Nick May 24, 2023

Hasbro lifted the curtain on a brand new Marvel Legends Squadron Supreme 2-pack featuring Marvelís Nighthawk and Marvelís Blur! Inspired by the Squadron Supreme comics, fans and collectors can add these high-flying and super-speedy figures to their collection. The pack includes 2 figures as well as 7 accessories and will be available this Fall. Full Report

Playmates Toys: TMNT Storage Shell Figures Review

Nick May 23, 2023

Wrapping up our look at recent releases from Playmates in the classic TMNT lines, check out our packed review of the storage shell turtles wave. These guys have everything they need to creatively take on the foot and with some clever packing, you can fit it all! Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: June Previews

Nick May 22, 2023

Itís almost June, which means the June issue of Previews is on its way to your door! In that catalog, youíll find the newest products from Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant LTD, including their first product based on The Matrix, new items from Marvel and Star Wars, plus the Iron Giant, the Last Ronin, the Muppets and Avatar the Last Airbender! Full Report

Hasbro: Magneto Marvel Legends Helmet

Nick May 22, 2023

Hasbro announced its latest addition to the Marvel Legends premium role play line with the Magneto Helmet, a 1:1 reproduction of Magnetoís helmet as it appears in the upcoming animated series X-Men í97 from Marvel Studios. Full Report

Diamond Select Toys: In Stores Now - 17 May

Nick May 19, 2023

There are new items shipping to your local comic shop from Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant LTD! Three Gallery Dioramas, of Marvel and Star Wars characters, plus one new Star Wars Jumbo figure, are all arriving this week, so read on for details then find a store near you at! Full Report



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