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Cool Toy Review: Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Posted by: Nick on November 22, 2023 at 06:57 PM CST

Just a reminder, this list is not meant to be exhaustive. Our rule is generally we only recommend something we got a chance to try out, otherwise how could we say it's awesome or not? That does not mean there are not other great gifts out there but we can provide you with a look at some of these if you are still on the fence or not really sure what makes them a worthy gift. Please enjoy!

Generally we aim for something that will slide into your stocking, but sometimes a little effort is necessary but still worth it. Small in size but not fun, these stocking stuffers are perfect for any fan.

Super Impulse Micro Figures and World's Smallest

Small in size but not in details, these amazing figures, games, and toys provide functional fun in a pocket size. Additionally, if you are into building dioramas, they are the perfect size for your displays.

Become captivated with our look at the latest Transformers Micro Figures and an awesome MOTU playset.

Barbie, Nerf, and some Trouble await you in this close look at the World's Smallest.

Jada Toys Metal Figs

New for 2023, Jada Toys launched a series of two inch metal figures that are perfect for the stocking of the fan in your life. With licenses spanning Transformers, Avengers, TMNT and more, you are sure to find the perfect little character.

Check out an assortment of Metal Figs here.

Diamond Select Toys MiniMates

MiniMates continue to surprise us with the breadth of the line, fun box set, and now getting into playsets. This is a line of endless potential, and most sets are perfect for your stocking. The sheer variety assures that there is something for everyone.

Float away with this latest TMNT box set.

Assemble your strike force with this Cobra box set.

Factory Entertainment Bottle Openers

Factory Entertainment really knows how to build an assortment of housewares for fans. Of course we have to include their never-ending selection of awesome bottle openers here. Whether it's Batman, Back to the Future, the Goonies, Jaws, or dozens of other, you are going to find a really cool opener for the fan in your life, and it will fit in a nice little stocking.

See the newest openers from Star Trek and Hot Wheels.

Check out this fun and functional Rick and Morty Portal Gun bottle opener.

This section is about items specifically celebrating the individuals fandoms with amazing details, functionality, or effort to capture the fan wonder. We are always looking for that extra wow factor that elevate something beyond the common collectible.

Diamond Select Toys Gallery Dioramas

An amazing combination of detail and display, gallery dioramas feature an assortment of characters with dynamic set pieces. There is a wide range of characters here from TMNT, Marvel, GI Joe, Godzilla, Indiana Jones, and many, many more.

You'll float too, once you check out this great MODOK diorama.

He's the Last Ronin but not the last TMNT diorama, check out the first of many turtles to come.

NECA TMNT Movie Line

More than just action figures, this series is about the fans as noted from the amazing attention to details and plethora of accessories taken directly from the film.

Check out the latest movie box set from another time.

The Foot are back for round two in this two-pack.

Super Impulse Figures and PopTaters

New this year, a look at some of the awesome fan-designed 3 inch figures spanning from South Park, Star Trek, Wednesday, Beavis and Butthead and more. Additionally, the PopTaters line is expanding and featuring some truly great characters from all walks of the fandom.

Head on down to South Park to see some friends of our along with your favorite beet farmer.

Diamond Select Toys Indiana Jones Collection

For the adventurer in your life, Diamond Select Toys has its Indiana Jones collection launching this year and what we have seen so far is amazing. You can get your hands on a Jumbo set and a bank with many more items coming this year.

See the Jumbo Map Room set here.

Grab this idol without the threat of a giant boulder.

Good Smile Nendoroids

The perfect way to show off a unique take on your fandom. Featuring some ideal accessories and an assortments of swappable parts, these are perfect for the fan in your life who wants a different style or unique look to their favorite characters.

Battle some turtles with your enhanced android body and this deluxe Nendoroid.

Check out the wonderful world of Disney with these great figures.

Hasbro Selfie Series

What better way to give the ideal fan in your life the ultimate fan gift then to capture their likeness in action figure form. Hasbro lets you do just that with their Selfie Series, putting you in the action as a Marvel superhero, a Power Ranger, a Ghostbuster, a GI Joe, or even part of the galaxy of Star Wars heroes. The new Selfie Series 2.0, expands the lineup with new characters and features including glasses.

See the latest asthetics in the Selfie Series line here.

Factory Entertainment Soft Goods and Keychains

Factory Entertainment has an expansive line of fan based goods, so it's no surprise you see them pop up a couple of times in this guide. As with the bottle openers, you can also get an assortment of keychains from a wide variety of films and characters. What's more they have a large selection of soft goods including plushies and towels. We are confident you will find something for every fan in your life.

Catch some sun with an assortment of beach themed goods.

Every year we struggle with this section because there are so many great action figures lines out there. Just because it is not here does not mean it is not great, and we try to bring a new focus every year, but of course there are going to be some repeats when a line is crushing it.

Playmates TMNT Mutant Mayhem and Ninja Elite Series

They won toy of the year for a reason, Playmates TMNT lines are simply amazing. The Mutant Mayhem line brings the film art style to life with some amazingly styled figures. To top it off the Ninja Elite line brought some great six-inch versions to consumers with amazing details and tons of articulation.

Cause some mayhem of you own with the latest wave of the film characters.

Grab your crew for a night on the town with all the boys in green in their elite forms.

Hasbro Adventure Series

This has been a big year for Indiana Jones fans with Hasbro rejuvenating the line. Built on the back of the Black Series, Indy leaps back into adventure with figures from the classic films and the most recent release.

Pursue fortune and glory with the latest wave of the Adventure Series.

Super7 Ultimates!

Giving us the ultimate versions of our childhood toys from Thundercats, TMNT, Silver Hawks, GI Joe, and more, ultimates are a massive nostalgia force. Fans will love this take on classic toys, as well as build up an impressive looking display of their own.

Take mutation to new extremes with this duo.

If you are going to be a henchman like Bebop and Rocksteady, at least do it with some style and a buddy.

Diamond Select Toys Selects Line

It has been another banner year for the Selects line, and tough to get a few. Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Cobra Kai, and even JCVD can be put on display.

Prepare for the end with this Apocalypse Select.

Train for your next tournament with these sensei.

Hasbro Transformers

We are just starting to scratch the surface on the Transformers line here at CTR but they have been going strong for years. Whether it's highly stylized or the aesthetic of the G1 cartoon, Hasbro has you covered.

Get a dose of radiation from the most toxic Transformer.

Bask in some G1 goodness with this Studio Series Snarl.

The Loyal Subjects BST AXN

Another take on an already expansive franchise, the Loyal Subjects puts their own spin on the boys in green with the IDW series. Based on their unique look in the comics, the turtles leap off the pages and into the action with these figures.

Provide some unique tailored figures for the turtles comic fan in your life.

We did not have a lot of focus on video games themselves this year so we decided to focus on toy lines specifically tailored toward video games instead. Just as fun and they allow you to live out your on-screen adventures in the real world.

Jakks Pacific Nintendo Figures

Building on some wonderful events this year such as the Super Mario Bros. Movie and the launch of Tears of the Kingdom, Jakks has had some truly impressive video game figures, that leap off the screen and into your hands.

Fight for mushroom kingdom with the latest wave of heroes and villains.

Defend Hyrule with the legend and her protector.

Jada Toys Street Fighter Figures

Leaping directly out of the arcade cabinet, and bringing it with them, the Street Fighter II line from Jada Toys is impressive in a number of ways. 1) You get a great assortment of characters with a ton of articulation, great power effects, and swappable feature. 2) You get some of the best packaging we have seen with perfectly styled arcade cabinet boxes.

See Chun Li and Ryu battle in out in round one.

Good Smile Nendoroid and Figma

In addition to some great fan characters, Good Smile has an amazing video game line of figures as well. The chili style if perfect for the world of Kirby characters and the Figma line offers some mighty impressive design and possibility to your favorite heroes.

Check out a perfect Waddle Dee and a battle ready Link.

The Loyal Subjects Arcade Series

Comic versions of TMNT characters are not the only unique part of the Loyal Subjects TMNT line. They do some really niche arcade figures featuring arcade coloring and the flashing battle damage.

See the gruesome twosome of Tokka and Rahzar.

Finish off Krang in his arcade damaged style.

We are getting into some serious fan displays here with some well-designed statues and mini busts. Designed for fans with obvious and hidden detail, these are essential to enhance the look of your collection.

Diamond Select Toys Mini Busts

Whether it's animated versions of some '90's classics, some highly detailed comic characeters, or something else from your fandom, Diamond Select likely has a mini bust for that. Small in size, but not in detail, Mini Busts pack a punch and capture some fun looks.

Swing into spider season with this new Venom animated Mini Bust.

Prepare for the class of '97 with this animated Jubilee.

Iron Studios Art Scale and More

Impressive and weighty, these solid statues are loaded with attitude. Featuring dynamic bases and amazing sculpts, these are molded to impress. If your special someone is not familiar with what Iron Studios does, then this is a great time to surprise them.

See our coverage of the latest Iron Studios products at New York Toy Fair.

Funko Pop! Movie Moments

Ok, we know you probably associate the Pop! line with figures but are they really. They don't really have much function other than to sit there and look awesome, and the Movie Moments line furthers their position into statue territory with great set pieces and diorama arrangements. There literally is something for everyone with this massively expansive line.

Celebrate the 30th with a return to Jurassic Park with this great movie scene set.

Ok, we are getting into some serious spending here, but of course these also have some serious features. These are sure to impress even the most discerning of collectors.

Diamond Select Toys Legends in Three-Dimensions

If you are not aware of the highly detailed and bulky Legends in 3-D line, then this is the time to experience it. Featuring half-scale designs and impressive detail from the base to the top of the head, no space is lost on these amazing collectibles. Grab a character from the worlds of Marvel, Godzilla, Power Rangers, Game of Thrones, GI Joe, and more.

Bring justice to the world with this Moon Knight bust.

threezero Robo-Duo and Marvel DLX Lines

Featuring a unique design elements blending die-cast with PVC, threezero delivers on highly-posable and premium built figures that elevate your displays. We were completly impressed with the detail of the Robo-Duo line this year and continue be blown away by what they are doing in the Marvel space with near screen accurate portrayals.

Defend the universe with this new Voltron.

Go to battle with your enemies with War Machine at your side.

New Zealand Mint

This was a new one for us this year, and while around for quite a bit, we had not got a chance to get our hands on their very premium products. Made out of precious metals, these will set you back a bit. However, the artistry and appreciation on the goods themselves, make these as much a fun collectible as they are an investment.

See our booth tour of the latest offerings at New York Toy Fair.

We hope you found some inspiration in our holiday gift guide this year, as well as a chance to see a selection of these items up close with our video reviews. Where are all the Star Wars items you wonder? Of course we have you covered in our Star Wars gift guide. Head over to, our partner site. Click here to check out a carefully curated selection of Star Wats gifts along with close looks at an assortment of items.

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