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Iron Studios: Dr. Strange Deluxe Art Scale

Nick June 5, 2024

Iron Studios presents the classic version of the master of mystical arts from Marvel universe in the statue "Dr. Strange Deluxe - Thanos x Avengers Comics - BDS Art Scale 1/10", inspired by the comics in which Earth's mightiest heroes face the threat of the mad Titan named Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet. Full Report

Iron Studios: Rhino Art Scale

Nick June 3, 2024

Iron Studios presents the statue "Rhino - Spider-man vs Villains Diorama - BDS Art Scale 1/10", featuring one of the strongest and most brutal villains from Spider-Man's rogues' gallery, as part of another diorama by Iron Studios inspired by Marvel Comics. Full Report

Iron Studios: Harley Quinn Art Scale

Nick May 31, 2024

Iron Studios presents the statue "Harley Quinn Deluxe - Gotham City Sirens DC Comics - Art Scale 1/10" with long golden hair with colored tips, wearing a variation of her original black and red costume, reimagined by the Iron Studios team, inspired by the Gotham City Sirens comic books. Full Report

Iron Studios: Green Lantern Art Scale

Nick May 13, 2024

Iron Studios presents the statue "Green Lantern Unleashed - DC Comics - Deluxe Art Scale 1/10", featuring the Emerald Gladiator in his Unleashed Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 version, a line from Iron Studios created with extreme attention and care. Full Report

Iron Studios: T-Rex Icons

Nick May 6, 2024

Iron Studios presents a new opportunity for fans and collectors who missed out on the first one, bringing the second version of the prehistoric super-predator with the statue "T-Rex Attack - Jurassic Park - Icons", this time with the animal stepping on and crushing the overturned vehicle, just as in its first appearance on the big screen over 30 years ago. Full Report

Iron Studios: Deadpool and Wolverine Art Scale

Nick May 3, 2024

Iron Studios proudly presents "Deadpool and Wolverine - Deadpool and Wolverine Movie - Deluxe Art Scale 1/10", directly from the Marvel multiverse, a spectacular statue approved by the "Pool" quality control. Full Report

Iron Studios: Plastic Man Art Scale

Nick May 1, 2024

Iron Studios presents the newest version of the statue of the most flexible of all superheroes, "Plastic Man Exclusive Ver. - DC Comics series #9 - Art Scale 1/10", with his inseparable sunglasses and his red, yellow, and black costume as pliable as his body. Full Report

Iron Studios: Indiana Jones Art Scale

Nick April 29, 2024

Iron Studios proudly presents their statue "Indiana Jones - Indiana Jones - Deluxe Art Scale 1/10", Iron Studiosí first release of the greatest archaeologist hero in pop culture! Full Report

Iron Studios: Poison Ivy Art Scale

Nick April 26, 2024

Iron Studios presents the statue "Poison Ivy (Gotham City Sirens) Deluxe - DC Comics - Art Scale 1/10", inspired by the Gotham City Sirens comic books reimagined by Iron Studios. Full Report


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