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Iron Studios News Archives

Iron Studios: Cad Bane Book of Boba Fett Art Scale 1/10

Nick June 20, 2022

Iron Studios proudly present their statue "Cad Bane - The Book of Boba Fett - Art Scale 1/10", with the relentless mercenary and bounty hunter inspired by the iconic scene from the sixth episode of the series from the Disney+ streaming service "The Book of Boba Fett", series derivative from "The Mandalorian" from the universe of Star Wars, where the character made its live-action premiere. Full Report

Iron Studios: Blue Art Scale 1/10

Nick May 13, 2022

Positioned ready to attack, Iron Studios present the statue “Blue Deluxe - Fallen Kingdom - Art Scale 1/10” on a diorama pedestal representing her nest next to the debris of an Explorer 04 vehicle crushed in the past by a T-Rex. Full Report

Iron Studios: Sylvie Variant Art Scale

Nick May 9, 2022

Iron Studios present the statue “Sylvie Loki Variant BDS - Loki - Art Scale 1/10”, with the sorceress, Loki’s alternate version and ally, in the series of Marvel’s charismatic villain in the movies, produced for the Disney+ streaming service. Full Report

Iron Studios: Mumm-Ra Minico

Nick May 6, 2022

The iconic villain from the 1980s gets a stylized Toy Art version in the statue “Mumm-Ra - ThunderCats – MiniCo” by Iron Studios, on a pedestal that refers to his altar in the interior of the Black Pyramid. Full Report

Iron Studios: Classic Loki Art Scale 1/10

Nick May 3, 2022

With an audacious smile on their face, Iron Studios bring the statue “Classic Loki Variant Deluxe BDS - Loki - Art Scale 1/10”, presenting Thor’s fearless adoptive brother, inspired by his classic version in the comics, presented in the Loki series from the streaming service Disney+. Full Report

Iron Studios: Art Scale 1/10 Three Peters

Nick May 2, 2022

Three Peters are better than one and now you can get all three from Iron Studios in the Art Scale line! Full Report

Iron Studios: Captain America (Sam Wilson) MiniCo

Nick April 5, 2022

Sam Wilson is the new sentinel of liberty of the MCU, with his new suit packed with stars and stripes, he now gains his stylized Toy Art version in the statue “Captain America - Sam Wilson – MiniCO”, the first version of the charismatic winged hero Sam Wilson in the MiniCo format by Iron Studios! Full Report

Iron Studios: Skeleton Art Scale

Nick April 4, 2022

Iron Studios proudly present the statue “Skeletor on Throne Deluxe - Masters of the Universe - Art Scale 1/10”, a luxurious edition, full of details based on the original references. Full Report

Iron Studios: The Batman and The Batman Unmasked MiniCo

Nick April 1, 2022

Iron Studios presents “The Batman - The Batman – MiniCo” and “The Batman Unmasked - The Batman – MiniCo” with the greatest detective from the comics in the stylized MiniCo line inspired in the latest Dark Knight movie in the theaters. Full Report

Iron Studios: TMNT Art Scale

Nick March 31, 2022

Cowabunga! The heroes in a half shell join the Art Scale line. Grab the heroes individually or as a set. Teamwork makes the green work! Full Report

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