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Iron Studios: Hordak Art Scale

Posted by: Nick on October 23, 2023 at 07:35 PM CST

A sorcerer who turned his attention to science and uses a combination of mysticism, magic, and technology, Hordak is one of the main villains in the Masters of the Universe franchise. Hordak played the role of the ultimate evil in Eternia and the power behind Skeletor. In his origin story, he was a sorcerer warlord from old Eternia (Preternia) that opposed Castle Grayskull’s original ruler, King Grayskull. Hordak saved Keldor by magically removing the damaged flesh and altering his body to a more demoniac form, leaving him with a skeletal appearance. Having saved his life on the promise of a later price to be paid, Hordak renamed Keldor as Skeletor. With the ability of altering all or parts of his body (usually his arms) into a great variety of mechanical weapons and gadgets, including cannons, rockets, tanks, saws blades, drills, and flamethrowers, Hordak’s powers derive from the symbiotic fusion between mysticism and technology. Horde Prime, who is possibly his brother, is the ruler of the Horde Empire, that spreads to the entire galaxy. His home planet is known as Horde World. The Horde employs a wide army of robots, tanks, aircrafts, spaceships, and other advanced technologies to allow them to conquer and enslave planets.

A release with an especially early Pre-Order, in the month that Iron Studios Concept Store celebrates their “Skelebration” at their store in São Paulo-SP, a celebration of Skeletor, one of the most beloved and iconic supervillains in pop culture! Commemorating the release of many statues from the Masters of the Universe – Art Scale 1/10 collection by Iron Studios. Hordak is one of the first statues with a variant painting by Iron Studios, derived from other medias such as the comic books and the toy lines. Check out the original version "Hordak & Imp - Masters of the Universe - BDS Art Scale 1/10", inspired by the animation She-Ra: Princess of Power by Filmation, in which the villain, besides coming with different colors and without the cape, also comes with Imp, his pet and spy, a small creature with shapeshifting powers and the features of a boar and a bat.

Hordak Comics Ver.- Masters of the Universe - Art Scale 1/10
- Limited edition only 300 statues available worldwide
- Based on original references
- Made in polystone - *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)
- Hand painted
- Product dimensions: 9.8 in (H) x 5.9 in (W) x 6.3 in (D)
- Product Weight: 1.5 lbs
- MSRP: USD 169,99 (American US Dollars)
- Release schedule: Second quarter of 2024

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