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Super7: Power Rangers ReAction Figures Wave 1

Posted by: Nick on April 9, 2021 at 04:40 PM CST


Green Ranger

Is the Green Ranger still under the influence of Rita Repulsa or is he loyal to the Power Rangers team? With this 3.75” articulated ReAction figure you get to decide! The Green Ranger figure comes with his Dragon Dagger and Sword of Darkness accessories. One of the greatest Mighty Morphin Power Rangers of all-time can now be yours!


The power of all five Dinozords combined into the mighty Dino Megazord cannot be stopped! This supersized Megazord ReAction figure stands 6” tall and comes with sword and shield accessories. Keep Angel Grove and your Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collection safe from Rita Repulsa’s many monsters with this Megaword ReAction figure!

Pudgy Pig

Pudgy Pig’s insatiable appetite alone is nearly a match for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! This articulated, oversized ReAction figure comes with giant knife and fork accessories. Don’t miss out on getting one of Finster and Rita Repulsa’s most memorable monsters- just have some spicy food on hand in case this ReAction figure tries to devour your whole Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collection!

Putty Patroller

Every baddie needs a gaggle of foot soldiers to do their bidding, and the Putty Patrollers are exactly that for Rita Repulsa! This 3.75” articulated ReAction Putty Patroller figure comes with interchangeable blade and boulder arms. Build an army of your own Putty Patroller ReAction figures to keep your Mighty Morphin Power Rangers busy while Finster and Rita Repulsa cook up a monster for them to fight!

Rita Repulsa

It’s not every day you can hold this evil empress in the palm of your hand, but with the Rita Replusa ReAction figure, you get that rare chance! This Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Rita Repulsa 3.75” articulated ReAction comes with her magic wand accessory. Featuring premium decoration, this Rita Repulsa is a must-have for any Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan!

Red Ranger

Leader of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and pilot of the Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinozord, it’s the Red Ranger! This 3.75” articulated ReAction figure comes complete with Power Sword and two Blade Blasters accessories. No better place to start your Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ReAction collection than with the Red Ranger!

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