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Iron Studios: Sauron Deluxe Art Scale

Posted by: Nick on November 2, 2022 at 07:19 PM CST


Sauron became the second Lord of Darkness after the defeat of his commander Morgoth, a corrupted primordial spirit. To seduce Middle-earth’s rulers to evil and conquer it, Sauron manipulated an Elven prince to forge magic rings, called The Rings of Power, given to representatives from each of the races in Middle-earth. An additional ring, called the One Ring, was forged by Sauron himself in Mount Doom in which he concentrated a great part of his own soul. With the One Ring, Sauron dominated the ring of men, who once corrupted became their most powerful servants and slaves, the Ringwraiths named Nazgūl. When the forces of Sauron, with thousands of Orcs under his command, fought against the Last Alliance of Elves and Men on the slopes of Mount Doom, Sauron appeared on the battlefield bringing in one of his fingers the source of your power, the One Ring.

The iconic physical form of Sauron seen in the scenes of the War of the Last Alliance during the trilogy, presented as a 9 feet tall giant, is now thoroughly reproduced down to the small details based on the original references by Iron Studios. Presented on the monthly show Inside Iron Studios Day of October and already available for Pre-Order, Sauron is one of the most requested characters by LOTR fans and collectors. Also, check out the statue "Gandalf BDS - The Lord of the Rings - Art Scale 1/10", another future release by Iron Studios available for Pre-Order, and check more news from Middle-earth by Iron Studios.

Sauron Deluxe - The Lord of the Rings - Art Scale 1/10


- Limited edition

- Based on original references

- Made in polystone - *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)

- Hand painted

- Product dimensions: 14.9 in (A) x 9.4 in (L) x 11.4 in (P)

- Product Weight: 3.5 lbs

- MSRP: USD 279,99 (American US Dollars)

- Release schedule: Third quarter of 2023

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