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Sideshow: Premium Format Poision Ivy

Posted by: Nick on July 26, 2023 at 08:00 PM CST


Before she became a toxic temptress, and a thorn in Batman's side, the unassuming Dr. Pamela Isley was a shy, but brilliant, botanist and biochemist. Now, transformed into Gotham’s very own Mother Nature, Poison Ivy works to destroy the man-madeworld and let her beloved plants flourish once more.

The wicked Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow provesthat the most beautiful things in nature can also be among the deadliest, as a monstrous tangle of plants lifts the villainess above the ground. Gnarled branches wrap around her outstretched arm and Ivy’s clawed fingertips are tinged with a poisonous red. The churning, gnashing earth swallows the remains of her latest victims, returning them to the natural cycle.

The fully sculpted Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format™ Figure captures every intricate detail of Ivy’s leafy costume and the feral foliage surrounding her. The darkened color scheme features gloomy hues of greens, reds, and browns that contrast with Ivy’s pale complexion and vibrant red hair.

Prefer your femme more fatale? Limited to only 150 pieces, the Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature (Green Skin Variant) Premium Format™ Figure brings a villainous green tone to Ivy’s delicate skin. Join the waitlist here.

Grow your collection and pre-order the Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format™ Figure from Sideshow.

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